Muslims of Kashmir be large hearted and avoid injustice to minority HINDUS there sign now

Respected Citizens of the World and billions of the divine muslims who believe and pray to HIM as we all do..
Jammu and Kashmir is burning with intolerance and will singe us all!!
I want to bring to you the plight of Hindus in their own land.This is also a land mark time for all humane muslims to ponder over where the fanatics are leading them to and so how these elements evoke fanatic responses and violence from other communities world wide .Kashmir is the pinnacle of my Indian civilization .
The ancient Amarnath yatra to Shiva cave in Kashmir state of India as close to soul of all hindus as the holy HAJJ and Mecca- Medina are for the pious Muslims or Jesrusalem Bethlehem is for the Christians.It was NOT begun after a muslim cowherd discovered it in 1860s it was since time immemorial, may be when all these fanatics were kashmiri pundits and Shaivaites! .
NOW the Kashmiri muslims from the valley have refused an inch of land to the shrine board of hindus which arranges all facilities for the yatra pilgrimage to these caves just for two months in the summers.The government gave the land and then violent protests led by seperatists and fanatic muslims followed in the valley so the government gave way to these elements of fanatics and took away a age old proposal which was a routine arrangement between forest dept and hindu yatra board!! Are not Jammu and other hindus part of JK and rightful owner of the land equally as muslims!!?? Whenever the muslims are in majority they all want to medievial practices of intolerance restored all over ??
agreeing to give land for Amarnath yatra for pilgrim arrangements.
Thay need not fear of being colonized by others.They all have colluded to hound out the hindu Pandits from their own homes in the valley already in a murderous campaign for last 35 years .But most of the muslims of the valley of Kashmir and leaders have refused to give even an inch of land that the Hindus have asked for two months only for ARRANGEMENTS OF the seasonal pilgrimage to THE ANCIENT AMARNATH SHIVA LINGA CAVE IN KASHMIR STATE OF INDIA.In a vast diverse but secular country like India there are million sites the Muslims kashmiris, have been given as ownership basis or lease to have hajj committee or Wakf boards and many other religious arrangements for all minorities .Christains too have millions of sq.meters of land freely to be used for religious activities.
They refuse to bow to sentiments of the majority community even when the place of dispute is the site where their God Ram was born in Ayodhya while they enjoy all the freedom the whole world or even USA cannot give them to practice their own religion peacefully which they do not in each city of India .See records of riots by them at each hindu festivals in each city of India!! See how many bomb blasts have ripped apart innocents in these years across India, against all norms of humanity even hospitals were not spared in Ahmedabad!!
Time has come to take an important step of reconciliation large heartedly. Please state your own problems and keep all cards open as a member of a great religion Islam followed by so many great citizens of the world .Forgive, forget bitterness ,open your heart as you open your hands to pray to HH ALLAH the only one. We hindus do believe in the dwaita GOD YOU as muslims believe in but YOU all refuse to tolerate the different forms of devotion others follow all of these paths lead to HIM we say!!
The back ground for the petition..
1.We Hindus believe devotion can be to any Godly one and this is only a path that leads to self realization and Improval transformation for the good of the whole humanity.So have we all progressed to this stage today from being barbarians and medievial murderers.
2.Devotion to Idols and objects stones or tomb stones is the primary fourth level of the devotion. Most of the Humans Indians and all , follow it as they might fail to understand higher worship.Or they can graduate to higher form of the devotion
3.Second form is devotion to some great prophets and heroes who led exemplary life to teach us then and now how to be superhuman and over come human weaknesses-Ram ,Krishna et al worship
4.Third devotion is to the God within us all living beings antar-atma--all living being regardless of your own beliefs and biases ..modern concept..You are the cause and cure of your own problems and action by self appraisal and guided action of transforming self for own and general good of all humanity.
5.Devotion to the Param atma= super, nirgun nirakar= formless and unseen force of divinity and life which is followed by those who evolve as they climb divinity steps ..islam believes this force is an entity different from us humans so it is DWAiTA =different than us humans same is the belief of HINDU Kashmir Shaivaites about SHIVA.So they are tolerant and go to muslim mazaars and temples equally..but muslims every where as in the Valley are so fanatic without ever even trying or allowed to think about others ever !!
While adavaita hindus believe that all that force is too wthin us as how can we not be the clay which has made us all living beings ,we are clayt or we are made up of clay is same for the hindus..GOD as believed By Muslims is acceptable to hindus as devotion is only stage one to step ahead and be a better human being not the destination itself!!
So I ask my hindu friends again to open your own hands when you do namaskar =pray to your different GOD and see how namaaz is pious for the tolerant muslims .In the same way I ask my muslim brothers to use their discipline and brother hood to include all who are praying to lesser gods (according to you !!),avoid false persecution complexes (Islam khatare me hai..)- and see that when you see your own hands during your Namaazwe all human beings have to take hold of this hate and fight it today.
DIVINE and HUMANE Justice demands that you muslims do not harm others and be so unjust as you are to your minority hindus of the JK state. Let us talk across a table for hours days-like 21 st century citizens and agree to tolerate each other well and live and let live gracefully to uphold the tenets of the great religions we both follow..
for sake of the next generation atleast!!
OMMM ammeen.
Some back ground--


THE GOVERNMENT HAS YIELDED ONCE MORE TO THE WISHES OF THE muslim KASHMIRIS WHO have been aroused and guided by pakistan to fill the streets over a minor issue of granting land priveleges to the Yatra Board.They have only ''taken'' from India and given blood and costs to us ..done nothing for others till now.
We are silent because we are like that only.
Is it not evident that this muslim majority state and its all people esp. its religious and political leaders are behaving like middle ages Muslim kingdom even as they enjoy all the freedom from India??
They are so narrow minded and mean that they did not allow the Hindu religious board of JK -minorities here- a simple two month period land holding for facilties for the hindu pilgrims.They have already hounded out-by killing and murdering thousands of civilian Kashmiri Pundits who were not protected by successive governents .The same Congress and Psedo-secularists who houl loud till today about how Muslims were persecuted in the 2002 hindu muslim riots in gujarat after they had began it by burning the sabarmati coach full of hindu pilgrims from Ayodhya. !!
What arrogance and meanness shown by muslim citizens of kashmir whose leaders slyly tell the media on camera that they do not mind caring for the pilgrims themselves but do not want a seperate yatra board for hindus in their own land !!What every body of us are missing is this is the same Mufti family for whose safety the Indians paid the highest price when the lady was kidnapped by her own! Now she is shouting loud on this issue so communally as she finds she can hide behind the seperatists .
OK the people of kashmir are not secular ..are staunch muslims but from where does this poison flow even to deny something so minor as forest land on the yatra route to the Minorities?? Now where are the Minority protectors within all of us and the media all the Barkha Dutts and R.Sardesai's of CNN and NDTV ?/ But what can they do we all do not feel that this is a major issue.Hindus were never united ever so the OTHERS came in just walked in from our borders 1000 yrs will the pakistan from Mirpur and China from all sides if we remain so spineless.China can rule over Tibet even when the region was always autonomous and we have not been able to solve kashmir problem because we want to show we are fairer than fair and more just than anybody!! Now where is the justice all gone when hindus are denied some basic facility under garb of ..
1.''we can take care of you''' --says the JK government.WHAT IF SOMETHING-A terror STRIKE HAPPENS??
2.''Giving such land is like occupation of kashmiriat like jews settlements!!'' says seperatists openly.While all kashmiri bussiness men can come all over India and rent and buy land or shops any where !!
3.''Secularism triumphs when muslims take care of hindu yatra pigrims'' says the spineless english media all over forgetting that all over India the muslims have been getting whatever under the garb of minority groups-land facility and what not !!Our media must be the most anti people from all over the world!! No where IN THE TODAYS WORLD is the majority community being so persecuted and treated with so much of injustice and insensitivity and fun making as in India BY THE ENGLISH MEDIA -DESCENDANTS OF COLONIAL AND RAJ LEFTOVERS.
5.China controlls our other yatra -kailash and pakistan wants to controll the Amarnath yatra then why should we support the HAJJ and so much love and support we give to muslim brothers inside India when very few have voiced the support from the Islamic religious pulpit within India??!!
They can YOU.. are silent as you... do not believe in the ''pointless yatra and pointless debate'' whether the land is transferred or not as a secular Indian esp a HINDU..but the while whole kashmir came on streets for this and got its irrational communal and anti national anti hindu minority demand under various garbs and threats!! Would they the Muslims Indians and Islamic theology and leaders allow any thing like this in other part of India?? Then why in kashmir??
Where is the sense of justice in Islam and Muslims of all the sub continent!!??
because we are silent..that is the golden for some.or else BOYCOTT anything that is Kashmiri start a real total boycott and economic pressure of no tourisms buying of anything from kashmir and no pilgrims too and no income from any source will make the idle kashmiris to leave streets and work hard like other from the sub continent esp India all over else..and atleast undestand how cruel ,unjust ,communal and mean their leadership has been till date ..
YOU....... the reader........ be silent that is natural to you on anything that matter to a common hindu citizen of this vast and varied divided land.

Kashmir as our ancient heritage

Do not dwell in the past we are told.
Should we forget how close to the main stream culture ,nay the fountain head of our philosphy the ancient Kashmir was? The Pandits and the others who were converted population of kashmir today were the the leaders in the Vedic world thoughts.
1.Raja tarangini by kalhana-a poet 1129-1150 AD writes in his chronicle of Kingsof kashmir. about Amarnath Yatra as ocean of milk the lake of Susra vasa -the sesh naga lake after chandan wadi -wajhwan..King Vibhishanas and his daughters story ,river Vitasta.
2.The story of kashmir Kings begin with Gonanda I friend of jarasandha in Krishna s' times!!till Prajyabhatta in 16th century when Akbar occupied the gentle Kashmiris.Lord Krishna himself rejected to be king of kashmir after victory and annointed the wife of the defeated Damodra King pregnant at that time as the ruler of kashmir.He said ''the land of Kashmir is Incarnate of parvati and the ruler is the ansha a part of Shiva."'
3,The poet Kalhana had noted that ''there is not a inch of this land which does not have temple or is not sacred''..
Where does that leave the secularism of the great Akbar and his army who must have destroyed all the butts and the tyemple of these gentle idol worshippers and converted them .What history you want Hindus to forget? all that shows the invaders in poor light must be ignored?? The minoritysm has come to this?
4.There was the Sharda peeth of kashmir on the hill .he used to lead the Chadi the gold mace to the Amarnath caves since we have to start from jammu and get shot and blasted by our own descendents converted to a foriegn faith that too intolerant to such an others.
5.Pampur,Brij bihara,gautama, Martand sun temple,Anant nag,Shesh naag are the enroute divine places as you go to Amarnath caves .Then we too celebrated the non idol form of the Shiva..but little did we know that non idol worshippers will wreck havoc in there way of lives..
6.As the locals of Batkut protected and served the Amarnath shrine even after they were converted even today they get the share 1/3rd to maintain the shrine.and the pilgrims which they do.
7.In Ain A Akbari Abul Fazl p-360 II..he pays tribute to the faith of the hindus and this shrine and describes how people took trouble to climb up this most sacrosanct place.
8.Kashmir shaivism is called trika matta a agama shshtra.KM mUnshi in his book -Immortal India has given some details of the shiava literature produced then from Kashmir.They believed that Moksha is the complete realisation of the soul -that is Shiva..a completely non idolic Allah like entity that should have impressed a true Moslem Islamic theologician. .But then Akbar and his army were not led by them.Still the Original Kashmiris are blinded by these Mullahs about how the two great religious philosphies met here and one of them over pwered the other by sheer sword and power..without fully understanding how universally one the Shiva tatwa in divine form and the Holy Allah visioned by the HM Holy prophet were..
still the kashmir bleeds and pain is felt by the whole nation..-majority of them..Now Minority rules the policies and the vast mahority are to be taken for granted..however broad minded they become..
I Hope the Shiva tatwa grants peace to the people of kashmir on both sides of the border and they know how universal they can become even as they continue to pray to thier present Empathic Divine & Universal God..give him whatever name- Hinduism says..all paths lead to thee..

As we saw the live telecast of the Loksabha proceedings we were appalled at the falsity of the whole drama enacted.The leader ,OAMAR ABDULLAH who like a Duryodhana refused to lease an inch of the Amarnath yatra land even to his own countrymen and especially the Jammu hindu-trust is eulogised by us all as the Secular emergence of a Muslim Indian leader!! Other Muslim leaders Owaisi et al openly said so many things against Hindus and secular fabric of India still that was considered the voice of the Minorities while anything with even a sub text of the word HINDU has been branded openly as Communal !The victims of bribery BJP MPs are openly being blamed for descreting the Indian Parliament by showing off the underbelly of the indian democracy openly tactlessly .While those who did the black job are cheered and pasted on the front pages of our magazines and eugolised AS king MAKERS!! siNgh IS king THEY SAY DUE TO HIM...
What is this sham drama of Indian democracy coming to?? That day there was a Srinagar murder of innocent migrant labourers and his children by grenade and again at Gulmarg.Today we have had Bangalore blasts by secularist SIMI and HUJI ,an open warning to Indian nation.What does Sonia Gandhi and the UPA blame this to? 'Anti Social elements!! Are we all out of our minds- media and us all that we fail to call a spade a spade?? Muslims have become totally arrogant and intolerant where ever they are in majority or Now everywhere .Murad ali Baig commented on the traffic sense of the Kanwarias jamming the roads going to haridwar yesterday in edit page of TIMES !! He calls this as -''That is VIOLENT religion''!! God cannot save this nation of blind folded men lead and read by more blind and mute leaders in all fields.Our enemies will have a field day till Muslim Indians do not help the nation out to find and destroy the enemies within who kill and frighten mercilessly regularly while we give lip service to the victims and events unfolding before us all.Silence !we are Hindus and secular and our leaders cannot utter the word while Muslims can blow their trumpets evcen after blatant communal acts like Omar and Owaisis' and blast our innocents like SIMI and HUJI sympathisers living protected by Indian law and its keepers.
Do not give me a talk on 99\% Muslim Indians are good etc..we know that but problem is these 99\% do not help us identify and isolate the murderers and bomb blasters .The rest 1\% = 1.5 lacs sympathisers and antinational muslim Indians within us,fed by the nation tobe blasted by them! Catch them..Till then all the Muslim Indians too have to take the blame as do their political and religious leadership .But who dares to talk like this now after Mulla Mulayam and secular group has defeated the ''communal'' nationalistic BJP!!
Blast us more.. man till the sound is heard by the deaf ..leaders and citizens all..

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