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In regards to NKF's patron Mrs Goh Chok Tong as quoted saying in response to whether if Mr Durai pay was too "excessive" in the news article that appeared in the Home part of The Straits Times on Wednesday July 13, 2005.

"For a person whos runs a million-dollar charitable organisation, $600,000 is peanuts as it has a few hundred millions in reserves"

I personally felt that this sentence was totally unexpected to be coming from the wife of Singapore Senior Prime Minister. The $600,000 is public fund. Money which people earned with their sweat and blood. It was insensitive to say it was peanuts.

My father would take 20 years to earn $600,000. To us it is a big sum of money. That statment has become a joke on the street. With people buying things with peanut powder as the most common one.

A personal and open apology should be made to the public from Mrs Goh.

Note. This is not a attack on Singapore Government.

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Latest Signatures

  • 11 December 201550. Blackhawk Weaver
    You should have said "no comment"
  • 28 October 201549. Yana Charles
    Been almost 40 yrs of independence, no such had ever come from an honorable ministers' wife. Some advice "THINK" is the word.
  • 31 July 201548. Lynn Kidd
    600K means nothing to you but it really means alot to us. We can never see that big amount of money in our life.
  • 08 June 201547. Angeline C
    It was a disappointment to see how someone can make such a remark, being insensitive to the millions of Singaporeans would might not even smell the $600,000 in this 10yrs or more! If this amount is considered too little or "peanuts', pls do not ask the do
  • 14 May 201546. Elsie Watson
    VERY DISPPOINTED!!!!!!! Even though Durai has stepped down, MrS Goh owns an apologise to the donors.
  • 14 July 201445. Ma Siokh
    Very dissapointed to hear this from Mrs SM
  • 11 June 201444. Wanling Patrick
    wtf, mrs goh should be renamed the peanuts goh. so insensitive. she thinks it's alright to take the money. And the salary paid is little. Have she helped herself too?
  • 14 April 201443. Coco Boyd
    Shame on her for making such a remark.
  • 23 June 201342. Tony T
    No doubt its just $600,000, this still consider as public fund. Moreover,this is a non-profitable organization. How can a CEO get paid for such a big amount??? using public funds???
  • 22 June 201341. Fely M
    An inconsiderate and tactless remark.
  • 08 June 201340. Steve C
    ya, should make the public apology so that your reputation can be restore.... sure people will forgive....eveyone make mistake now and then.
  • 24 March 201339. Heng Meowl
    Those are hard-earned money which the public intends to contribute to the patients and not to become somebody elses' peanuts. We know that you are filthy rich but it does not mean that you can change these facts. We demand an apology not to us but to the
  • 14 March 201338. Yys Keith
    agree! "$600k=peanuts" den how much they are hving? & where they (or at least she) gets tt much? and why getting so much???!!!
  • 08 January 201337. Wendy Payne
  • 23 November 201236. Roman Monroe
    Yes, I do think she was insensitive too
  • 19 October 201235. Chloe O
  • 22 August 201234. Lou Junt
    I seriously hope she didn't actually meant what she said, and that the matter would be resolved as soon as possible.
  • 03 July 201233. Dennis Nglk
    Mr Goh Chok Tong Sir, are you sure you married the RIGHT women?
  • 25 March 201232. Jean W
    Mrs. Goh , what have you to gain from supporting Mr. TT Durai ?? Why is there so much money sitting in the reserves when it could be use to help the needy more ????
  • 26 December 201131. Peanuts Williamson
    Pls think b4 you speak & remember your status! Today NKF unfortunate state is the reflection of such "humble peanuts" in the organization that have helped the liar to be richer! Worst, not admitting their mistakes to the public. Pls do not hope that s
  • 02 December 201130. Ted Cisneros
    She should apologise to the public of Singapore. It is very insensitive, unethical and obnoxiously rude of her to make such a statement. What audacity she has to say all these, without even thinking for a second how it would affect the general public.
  • 15 June 201129. C Kl
  • 06 August 201028. Anonymous Grant
    She should offer a public apology
  • 01 May 201027. Kenneth Curry
    YEA YEA! appologise u RICHIE. I have to think twice even i'm spending $60 on something
  • 26 April 201026. Qianwen Stuart
    600k is not a small sum, it takes life for some people to earn that amount. Moreover, NKF is a charity organisation! not for some ppl to earn alot. No excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he wants to earn alot, he go to a profit organisation, not NKF- a non-profitabl
  • 21 April 201025. Cynthia S
    Mr GCT spent his life being the people's prime minister. Mrs GCT destroyed that with one careless statement, which perhaps reflects their true sentiments towards the working population. I feel that people who regard amounts such as this to be peanuts can,
  • 31 January 201024. Charlie Orr
    $600,000 is peanuts.....that's why you get ...monkeys

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