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President George W. Bush

The White House

Dear Mr. President,

You are the first US President who has had the integrity and courage to advocate a two-state solution as an equitable settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Further, you have insisted, your vision is that the Palestinian State must be viable, independent and democratic, side by side with Israel, with contiguous borders, offering peace and security for both. You also have partnered with the European Union, Russia and the United Nations, as the Quartet, to add more credibility, seriousness and accountability to your approach.

Throughout the years, the US has been an integral catalytic partner in the conflict through its direct and indirect, political, diplomatic, financial, and military contributions.. Now, as we have witnessed for some time, the evil extremist and self-serving but short-sighted forces on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides are doing their utmost to derail the implementation of all plans that the US supports.

As we read in the news and polls, mainstream Israelis and Palestinians are desperately looking up for a miracle to get out of this vicious and consuming quagmire. They see the United States as their only hope for the solution, hope that intensified when you recently brokered a financial aid package for the Palestinians of three billion dollars annually for three years.

While we recognize that you are banking on settlement of the conflict through negotiations, negotiations cannot work in a situation where one party is more powerful and always takes the initiative to guarantee it will win and the weaker party will lose. This lop-sided approach will perpetuate and perpetrate the conflict, with continued damaging consequences to the national security and economic interests of the United States. A two-state resolution ultimately serves our interests, and realistically, should be our greatest commitment.

As you once stated, it is untenable for Israeli citizens to live in terror and untenable for Palestinians to live in squalor and occupation. The current situation offers no prospect that the lives of either will improve. It is shameful that all our best efforts to date have not achieved peace.

You also said: A Palestinian state will require a vibrant economy, where honest enterprise is encouraged by honest government. The United States, the international donor community and the World Bank stand ready to work with Palestinians on a major project of economic reform and development. The United States, the EU, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund are willing to oversee reforms in Palestinian finances, encouraging transparency and independent auditing. True to your word, you have brokered the annual three billion-dollar aid to Palestine - but more tangible and serious action must be taken.

We urge you, Mr. President, to do all that you can to dispatch a UN, EU, or at best, an American force to Palestine/Israel, to diffuse threatening violent encounters and give both parties the peace and security they need. We urge you, too, to delegate our best US think-tank economists and industrialists to come up with the best business plan, similar to post WWII Marshall plan, that can create that economically vibrant Palestinian state.

Although, Mr. President, there is no current pro-active public American Constituency to declare its support for such actions in a loud and clear voice, there is no doubt a large silent majority of the American public that supports you in such plans: plans that serve not only the best interests of the US, but also those of the Israelis and Palestinians alike.

Your legacy, Mr. President, CAN be a lasting and secure peace in the Middle East Palestinian-Israeli conflict, real protection of our own interests and security, and restoration of the honor and respect abroad that we have enjortant will be the lasting benefits to the Israeli and Palestinian populace.

Thank you

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