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MP Ron Anders: Take back your words and apologize

In a CBC Radio show of April 17, 2008, you compared 2008 Beijing Games with 1936 Berlin Games and suggested Tibetans starting an insurrection. That shows a lack of history knowledge and political vision, and it is unacceptable by everyone who really concerns of human rights and peace. You should consult people more knowledgeable in your riding before making remarks.

During the World War One and World War Two, the world considered Tibet as part of China. You can easily find those historical maps in any library. After World War Two, the United Nations has declared the fact, and every member in the United Nations honours it. Any comment of calling Free Tibet, calling Tibet as a country, or pursuing sovereignty in Tibet is challenging the international diplomacy and challenging the authority of Chinese government.

The Tibetan Government-in-Exile sometimes claims pursuing autonomy in Tibet, when it is not calling Free Tibet. But there is already a Tibet Autonomous Region, where Tibetans are living happily and peacefully. The Tibetan Government-in-Exile wants to have full control of Amdo and Kham, along with Tibet Autonomous Region. The reality is: Amdo and Kham were not under Dalai Lama's reign in the last 100 years, long before Communist China took over them. Also, only 20\% of the residents are ethnic Tibetans in this area, according to a statistics in 1992. The Tibetan Government-in-Exile's control in Tibet, before they fled to Dharamsala, was a brutal system of feudal serfdom, and 5\% people (serf owners) owns all the lands and 95\% property. The Tibetans are living freely now. Who wants to become serf again?

The Tibetan Government-in-Exile has become more and more irrational and violent. In Tibet's riot, started from March 14 of 2008, the rioters were killing people of other ethnic group. It has been admitted by China Affairs Officer of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile, on April 2, 2008. 5 days later, when the world was watch the Olympic Torch Relay, a Free Tibet activist violently hurt a female wheelchair user, who lost her one leg when she was 10 years old.

What kind of message the Free Tibet activists are sending? Violence, hatred, disrespect of peace, and disrespect of Chinese government and 1.3 Billion Chinese people. They disgraced all Tibetans loving peace and humiliated everybody in the world.

March 27, 2008, Tsewang Rigzin, the President of Tibetan Youth Congress, claimed they would adopt the way of suicide bombers, which has been widely considered as terrorism attack. He also had doubt in Dalai Lama's leadership.

You said there were a lot of people in Parliament sharing your views, but the truth is, your remarks are announced as your own views by Foreign Affairs, and condemned as sending the wrong message by Liberal Party. There is none of your Tory colleagues stand up to support your unacceptable remarks.

At this time, what we need to do is not to insult China and promote hatred between ethnic groups, but to promote understanding and peace. China is a great country. She is going through a time of great change right now. We need to remember the growing pains all countries experience at such times. Insulting and isolating such a great country is not a correct way to achieve human rights, and you are not in the position of suggesting an insurrection in another country.

As a leading organization of Calgary Chinese community, most of our members are skilled workers and neutralized as Canadians in the last 10 years. We are proud to be Canadians. We realize the Tibetan Government-in-Exile has controlled the speaker, and the voice from China has not been heard. So the western society has been listening to a one-side story in the last 50 years. We would like to advance the understanding and engage a stronger relationship between China and Canada. We strongly condemn your remarks and urge you to take back your words and apologize to China and Chinese people.

Should you need more information about Tibet and China, please contact us at: [email protected]

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