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On June 15, 2005 the Board of County Commissioners voted 6-1 in favor of the county enacting a policy banning county agencies from acknowledging gay pride events. The county commission with knowing that no public forum had been planed there should not have been put to a vote. Then a proposal was placed on the table that by a super-majority could this ban be over turned this also enacted by a 6-1 vote. There were a number of irregularities pursuant to this, besides the lack of a public meeting prior to this item being on the agenda for June 15th, The County Commission was in recess until July 20, 2005; on the agenda there was the usual time for public comment forty-five minutes. With the chamber filled to capacity there was a motion made by the only dissenting Commissioner that an additional fifteen minutes be given due to the number of people that had requested to speak the other members decided to continue on with the agenda as planned. The following is a requests that was slated for the afternoon session *F-1 Karen McClure, the President of Friends of the Library, respectfully requests that the board reconsider the new policy that Hillsborough County government abstain from acknowledging, promoting, and participating in gay pride recognition and events as it relates to libraries. Chairman Norman took it upon himself to sidestep the normal rules of conduct and decided that the commission would take the vote out of order. With a full chamber Commissioner Norman stated that a discussion would preclude the agenda item F1, when asked by a citizen prior to everyone leaving the chamber. When the chamber was empty Chairman Norman then requested a vote on reconsideration of the ban passed June 15, 2005 the commission voted 6-1 to not reconsider.

There have been a few irregularities being Florida not so unusual. The first was that no public meeting held prior to the first vote on June 15th. Secondly the failure of the commission to allow an extra fifteen minutes for more speakers to address the commission. Third probably the most iniquitous was that Chairman Norman violated the terms of the charter by proposing taking an agenda item out of turn seemingly to avoid another discussion. Lastly the way the board has handled this particular matter did the Hillsborough County Commissioners violate public trust.

In the days since the commissioners have had many occasions to either rescind their original vote or revisit with the opportunity to have a revote. You see Mr. Tagliabue the Hillsborough County Commissioners have made it their quest to denounce and minimize a segment of the population that has been part of the fabric of Tampa and Hillsborough County. I understand that no one person can change the minds of people that intend to discriminate, but as a community which also includes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NFL could make a difference by reassigning the 2009 Super Bowl to any other city not located in Hillsborough County.

I beg of you to consider this at the next NFL Board of Directors meeting. I as well as many other gay and lesbian fans of the Bucs and other NFL teams would greatly appreciate any help you could give us. Just as a note the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners is also on the Board of the Sports Authority, which controls the on goings of Raymond James Stadium.

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