Mother's plea to keep 7-year old Bronek in Poland who by the decision of the Polish Authorities is to be sent against his will to Mexico sign now

Please help me keep my son in Poland to be raised in a safe and healthy environment. Right now, the courts have ruled that he be taken away from his home, school, family and friends to go to Mexico to a biological father he does not know and who has not cared for him emotionally or financially in quite some time. The courts require I and my husband, Bronek's stepfather, all Polish citizens go with Bronek to Mexico where we do not have a means of financial support, a home or medical care which is extremely important as Bronek suffers from asthma, and I suffer from diabetes. In Mexico, Bronek's biological father has already begun proceedings to take Bronek away from me. I fear for my son's safety and well-being. Please help me keep my son at my side!

We returned to Poland over 2 years ago. On the 1st of May 2009 Mexico died – schools, offices, business all closed down due to the flue epidemics. My ex-husband confessed then that he had been cheating us for over a year by not paying for our private health insurance (one of the key points in the divorce agreement). On the same day I packed our luggage. Bronek’s father drove us to the airport. Later in Poland I found out that his company went bankrupt. I wrote him an e-mail explaining that for Bronek our stay in Poland will be much better for our child (education, health, safety – no violence on the streets like in Mexico) and for my ex-husband (my job pays for our health insurance and Bronek’s education. Good private education is expensive in Mexico). He replied that he misses Bronek and we have to go back. Because Bronek’s father did not agreed for Bronek’s stay in Poland a point of our divorce agreement was not observed. The divorce agreement also states that Bronek’s place of living is with his mother and that the father has the right to see him twice a week.

As an answer we invited Mr. Lopez Zermeno for vacations to Poland with the intention to discuss the best solution. My father gave him his house so he could stay for free with Bronek. Alvaro Lopez Zermeno replied that he can’t afford to pay for the plane ticket. Yet a few months later he rented a plane to propose to his fiancé – the action which was covered in the Mexican newspapers.

In December of 2009 I received a call from the Foreign Ministry that I have a trial to attend – the Hague Convention for keeping Bronek in Poland. This was a total shock! When I frequently talked to Bronek’s father on Skype he did not show much interest in Bronek’s education and refused to pay for Bronek’s Spanish classes. Mr. Alvaro Lopez Zermeno didn’t speak much about our return to Mexico!

The first trial did not last even half an hour. We lost. In the court I approached Bronek’s father and asked him to attend a Christmas Nativity Scene in Bronek’s kindergarten that evening. Bronek was very happy because he was chosen to play one of the Three Wise Men. After a 6 month of not seeing his son the father replied: “Why? I just won him” - and traveled back to Mexico without seeing his son.

In June 2010 the next trial in the Court of Appeals ended with a recommendation for the RODKA (a Family Psychology Center) tests. In the opinion of the RODKA experts if Bronek was to be sent to Mexico alone he would suffer a deep psycho-somatic damage. In December of 2010 the Regional Court for ŻOLIBORZ, Warsaw disregarded the RODKA written opinions and the trial interviews of the RODKA psychologists and ordered Bronek to leave Poland.

Finally, the last trial took place on the 15th of June 2011 in the Warsaw Regional Court, Al. Solidarności. The court waited a month with the pronouncement of the final sentence to interview Bronek and ask for his opinion. During that interview Bronek clearly and plainly said that he wants to stay in Poland. Yet the three judges orders Bronek, a 7 year old Polish citizen, to go to his biological father in Mexico (the last time Bronek lived with me & his father was in 2007!). When Bronek found out about the Court’s decision he cried for a very long time. The court also explained that I have to put my child’s well-being beyond mine and join him in Mexico to make sure that he is well taken care off. We have 30 days to pack our lives in Poland. Yet, we have no home, I have no work in Mexico and Bronek doesn’t speak Spanish. Where are we going to stay?

The Regional Court in Warsaw with its sentence practically decided to separate me with my beloved and only son Bronek. The court did not take into account dangers waiting for Bronek which were clearly outlined be many court experts in areas of health, psychology, education and social adaptations. Since our move to Poland, Mexico has become a much more dangerous place. In the last 2 years 30,000 person were randomly killed on the streets – victims of the war between narcotics mafia and the government (members of the Polish Embassy in Mexico City were assaulted with weapons). Going to Mexico City Bronek is risking his health and his life. On the other hand, how can I leave my son? When meeting with father Bronek needs a translator. He has never lived without me. What about his health complications?

The Court without any analysis decided to expel Polish child from Poland and use emotional blackmail to deport Bronek’s mother and his step-father (the judge also stated in his sentence that the step-father, who doesn’t speak Spanish, did not present proves that he can’t work in Mexico!!). The Hague Convention was meant to return a child to the place of his original stay within a year!!! Bronek – born in New York City - is well adapted to his life in Poland, ready to start his second grade, and has many friends. He can safely play in the local playgrounds – unthinkable in Mexico! All parents from his elementary school signed this petition in Polish (linked attached below).

We are asking all of you to sign this petition to focus the attention of the Polish Human Rights Defender, the Prosecutor General, Ombudsman for Children, and the Ministry of Justice. Bronek is also an American Citizen who has the right to choose his place of living!!

Thanks for your help!! Please send this petition to ALL your friends!

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