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Over 20 States are declaring Sovereignty under the 10th Amendment, a necessary step for protection from government tyranny.

Our federal government was given very limited, enumerated constitutional powers by the states which formed it and states are now stepping up to the plate to claim back their rights. Montana needed to be on this long list of states taking a strong position in defense of their rights from an increasingly overbearing government. House Resolution HJ 26, sponsored by Rep. Michael More, is Montanas sovereignty declaration.

But this important legislation was blocked from the beginning. First of all, Democratic Speaker of the House Bob Bergren was unethically preventing this resolution from being heard.

Then enough pressure was finally applied, it was allotted to the last hour of the last day committee hearing along with another resolution dealing with deficit spending. This was not enough time for due consideration on issues which were overwhelmingly supported by Montanans through phone calls, e-mails and many who showed up to testify from throughout the state.

Then, when the rushed vote came, all 9 democrats on the Judiciary Committee followed marching orders and voted NO, in complete disregard for the will of the people and the interests of the state.

By their actions, Bergren and the nine judiciary members have ignored, violated their oaths of office. It is a sad day when those we trust to represent us show such deliberate, cold betrayal of their constituents and such equal total disregard for Montanas rights and sovereignty.

Just one reason we need State Sovereignty:

H.R. 45 the Blair Holt Licensing and Record of Sale Act introduced recently in Congress. At the end of the two-year "grace period" allowed under H.R. 45, any person in possession of a firearm who is not licensed by the U.S. Attorney General to possess firearms would become a federal felon. Here's the Catch 22: To even apply for the required license under H.R. 45, an applicant would be required to present a "Real ID." The 2007 Montana Legislature outright rejected Real ID for Montana by a vote of 100-0 in the House and 50-0 in the Senate. Thus, no Montana gun owner could even apply for the H.R.45-required federal license. After two years, we'd ALL be federal felons.

The Montana antidote for H.R. 45 in congress is House Joint Resolution 26 before the Montana Legislature, the Montana Sovereignty Resolution.

Quit grousing about the Blair Holt bill in Congress and get to work on the Montana armor against it. We've given you the shield to protect us all from the Blair Holt bill. That is HJ 26 in the Montana Legislature. Get moving and get HJ 26 out of the House Judiciary Committee.

Please SIGN THE PETITION TODAY for personal delivery to the Sate Capital by March 9 2009.

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    Its about Freedom. What would your relatives that died for this Freedom think about what the Federal Gov't and Obama are doing? City; Zip Code 59047
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