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Lot 363 Jalan Siantan 1/3
Taman Siantan
75250 Melaka.
28th March 2009.

Deputy Prime Minister
Deputy Prime Minister's Office
Aras 4, Blok Barat, Bangunan Perdana Putra,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62502 Putrajaya
Selangor D. E.

Dear YAB Datoв Sri


On this day when the whole world is observing the World Hour to off all lights to fight against Global warming, I want to appeal to our beloved Prime Minister to save our project at the Melaka International School.
Melaka International School was jointly started by the Yayasan Melaka, Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Melaka and Long Term Focus Sdn. Bhd. in the year 1993 to cater for the expatriates in Melaka. The Government was instrumental in bringing many foreign investors to Melaka. As such they wanted to start an International School to cater for the expatriate population that was increasing.

In 1999 the state government sold off their shares, as it was not a profitable venture, to its partner, Longterm Focus Sdn. Bhd. We purchased a land in the year 2000, at Taman Siantan, Kampong Lapan, 75200 Melaka from the Koperasi Polis and took an SME bank loan for the construction of the new building. Since it was a new building and with the idea of teaching students the importance of global warming and necessity to learn farming especially Organic Farming and Recycling of organic wastes , we in-cooperated these features in our new school.

The Management have installed:

*Solar energy panels to partially source for clean energy;
*Rain water catchments areas to irrigate the organic farm;
*All classrooms have been built huge with good natural lighting and using only Fans instead of air conditioners so as to reduce Green house gases.
*A 2-acre organic farm to teach the students as well as inviting students from other schools to introduce the making of organic fertilizers, recycling of organic waste, germination of plants, replanting, vermiculture,(worm culture) etc; and
*The canteen that serves only organic vegetables grown at our farm; we also have our own poultry and fish from another 25 acre organic farm at Durian Tunggal, Melaka.

This school was built on a neglected land, infested with mosquitoes and gazetted as Dengue area. The school at its own expense has made Macadamized road way with proper street lighting and has planted trees on the edge of the road. There was no assistance from the Town Council for this project. The 2 acre neighbouring farm land was a run down farm , which we bought and spent RM One Million [RM1, 000,000] to convert it into a teaching Organic Farm.

En. Yusoff Jantan, the Mayor of Melaka town, wants to build a 100 feet, 4 lane wide road on this land. The Management have made numerous appeals to the Mayor which is rejected. We then approached the chief minister of melaka for assistance. He adviced the Dato Bandar to discuss the matter with us. We tried to make appointments with the Dato Bandar but he refused to meet us. On в our Parent Teachers Association comprising of parents from the expatriate population tried again to make an appointment to meet him to explain, but he refused to meet us. In stead he has asked the Land Office to acquire the neighbouring land that we bought and converted to an Organic Farm, for the 4 lane road way.

We recently received a letter from the Land Office informing us that we have to surrender part of the school and farm land for road frontage. We understand that the Dato Bandar has instructed the land office to acquire this land for this purpose. The Town Council intends to build a thoroughfare cutting across our school field and the farm.

This action will:

*Deprive the Melaka International School students of a greater part of their playing field;
*Create noise and air pollution around the school and housing estate;
*Destroy very old trees in the name of progress;
*Endanger the school children as they will have to cross this road and also a monsoon drain from the other side;
*Vendors of junk food will set up stalls to tempt the school children who have been painstakingly taught to eat organic and not "junk" food;
*Security for our foreign and local students will surely be compromised;
*The farm which is intended to teach children on sustainable living methods, also conducts weekend classes for students from other schools.
*This proposed road will divide the land into 2 small pieces and thus we have to abandon the farming project.
*Create chaos for the parents who want to drop and pick up their child / children.

The school and farm land is situated in a housing estate and there are many feeder roads to and out of the Taman. The road that the Municipality intend to construct is redundant as it has not caused any traffic congestion in the Taman. Every Tuesday evening, the road, leading to the school is completely blocked for the вPasar Malamв without causing any inconvenience to the residents, as there are many alternative roads.

The Management of the school are teaching the younger generation on the importance of Global warming; they have introduced the solar panel for awareness to the young ones on how this solar energy can create extra electrical power using the sun; and also teaching them on the importance of Organic food ~ self sustainable living. We invite students from other schools in the country during week ends and school holidays to share this concept.

With reference to the Star newspaper dated Friday 30 January 2009 World W35, please note that everyone in the world is trying to do their best to warn and act wisely against global warming, pollution in the air and water ~ the US, Indonesia and Australia. All are trying to conserve history, ancient buildings, unnecessary clearing of the jungle and others.

We, the Management, Staff, Students and Parents implore YAB Datoв Sri to discuss with the Pejabat Daerah Dan Tanah Melaka Tengkah, Reference No. PTMT A1/01/1366 (12) dated 12 hb Januari 2009, to allow us to use this land for teaching children in Agricultural Sciences from a very young age. The Management have been given till 12 March 2009 to finalize the appeal. They were very sympathetic and allowed us till May 10th 2009, to appeal to the higher authorities. They are being forced by the mayor Inche Yusuf Jantan to acquire this land.

The road the Municipality intend to construct is going to be wider than the main Jalan Tengkera, though it is not a main through way. Please see the attached plans in regards to the many alternate roads leading to and from the Taman.

Moreover the Federal government has funded a multimillion ringgit coastal highway, which will be opened shortly. When this road opens to the public, Jalan Tengkera will be fairly eased of traffic. So constructing a 100 feet, double lane road in a housing estate is not necessary.

We request Dato Seri, to advice the state secretary and the Director of JKR to do an in depth study on the relevance of the road. Hardly any cars use this internal road , as there are many feeder roads to and from the Taman. We are the only school in Malaysia (and maybe, in the world to introduce Solar run electricity, teaching farming at a young age , and bringing awareness about global warming to the young children.

The Management thanks YAB Datoв Sri and would like Officers from the Federal government to do an in depth study on the necessity of the intended road, so that we can continue teaching children on the importance of global warming and eating вchemicalв free food.

Please see attachment for: letters of appeals, photographs etc.

Web page:


Thank You

Puan Siti Azzyati Binti Hj. Abu Bakar

Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Melaka Tengah

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