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For the survival of the Pinhal Original (Primitive Pine Champ) on the Mata Nacional dos Medos (National Forest of the Dunes)

Against the destruction of the National Forest of the Dunes
Against Alternative B2 and the B3 connection to the Road AM ER 377-2
Proponents of upgrading the existing road

The Movement "A Charneca For People" is in favor of upgrading the existing road, which links to the beaches of Costa da Caparica (Kings Beach for example), etc. The Solution B on the so-called Impact Study previews a walk-way aside the actual existing road, and just adds a cyclovia.
The actual existing road margins are wide enough and is absolutly possible the inclusion of a cyclovia without destruction of vegetal covering and movements of earth, as it develops almost in half by an area of vegetation very latest, with the understorey much less developed.
It is a level of road that crosses a flat area and prevents the passage in Cabeзo Verde, the highest area of the nucleus of the oldest Mata dos Medos, avoiding excavation and embankment slopes of the new road that implies. It is a road that has existed for over 40 years and has paved the way to maintain the original pine champ as it have remained until today. The road around it and was responsible for one of the only remnant of forest have been saved from fire in 1982, together with the existing system firebreacks.
If you choose the existing road will not be required under the roundabout junction with the forest road that connects the Fonte da Telha, since this will be disabled. Thus the destruction is practically nil, maintaining the integrity of the Mata dos Medos, as exists today. It was a slaughter of 8 to 14 pine trees, most with fewer than 50 years.
Moreover, if we use the existing road to the Rotunda of the existing Marissol / Fonte da Telha of the roundabout is not necessary to be done in the Parque das Merendas, or the destruction expected from that roundabout to the Alternative B3, avoiding further Fears of destruction of forest.
The new road, called Alternative B2 and connection AM B3, will destroy the area's oldest and Pine Mata dos Medos. Destroyed more than 220 pine bicentenaries only in the range of tread, the oldest of the forest, which is a study of the Faculty of the "Pine Original", the last redoubt of pine trees planted by warrant D, John V, with about 250 years.
It also destroyed all the understorey is very developed, where the "Sabina-of-beach" reaches its magnificent size from 5 to 7 meters high, due to shade and protection conferred by thick pine and humus acid they give you. Understorey this, which in turn holds a myriad of birds. For those living in addition to the destruction of their habitat and destabilization of its ecosystem, a physical barrier will be built exactly on the edge area, where biodiversity is bigger and is moving to the area of lower and more humid areas Cropped, where the lines of water and Charcas, local preferential feeding and reproduction. The number of pedestrians will be amplified dramatically.

The volume of landfill and excavation and construction of embankments provided by the new road, will require the destruction of vegetation beyond the range of filming. As well as the destruction of the dunes and sliding of quaternary sand highly friable and difficult to stabilize. The forest planting was sent by the King, just to fix the "fears", i. is., the dunes, so that they invaded the land adjacent to a much lower elevation (3 to 5m). The new road will result in high costs of containment and construction.

This new section of road called Alternative B2 and connection Alternative B3 has the same layout as the old "Tourist Route" at the crossing of MNMEdos, existing in the CM of PDM Almada.
The road was vetoed in 2000 by then President of ICN: The Official "in Setъbal Network" of 17 July 2000, Carlos Guerra, opposing the position taken by the municipality, that the track has been carefully studied to tack just Arriba Fossil , the chairman of the NCI explains that "this means the crossing of plots 1 and 3 of the Forest of Fears, which is precisely where the remaining trees of larger and older." This area is part of the National Botanical Reserve. "
Later it was challenged by courts, the Supreme Court, in Judgment of 18 December 2002, which states:
"The Reserve Botвnica da Mata of Fears (Decree 44/71 of 23 October) was intersected in the area reaches its maximum development, with pine centenarians, notable examples of juniper, besides many other local species, a number of great harmony. It created a plot Sobrante, separated from the rest of the forest area, removed from a park and picnic aceiro outside, forcing the destruction of a range of additional forest to ensure the protection against forest fires. "
The arguments above are exactly the arguments against the current Alternative B2.
It remains then to change the view of ICNB if the Reserve Botвnica affected area is exactly the same, the same thick pine and old.

The problem worsens with the intentions of speculation that urban advinham behind all these decisions. With the new road, the core of older forest and developed retalhado will be destroyed and 2 areas of forest remnants, which, according to PDM Almada (Plant Conditions) will be earmarked for "building areas." Thus, a total of 6ha of bicentenбria forest will be destroyed and detached from the Reserve Botвnica MNMedos of Protected Landscape of Arriba Fossil of Costa da Caparica (PPAFCC) and the National Ecological Reserve (REN).
The parts also written denounce the intentions of the remaining portions of urbanization, the Regulation of the Master Plan Municipal de Almada, (Council of Ministers Resolution No 5 / 97, the Gazette of the Republic of 14-1-97), the Article 118, Point 6, excluded are the urban and building under PDM, constraints and opinions of the Protected Landscape. And in paragraph 7 "The new buildings should be subject to a maximum of two floors above the ground."
The support of the situation through the SMAS has CMAlmada last month the establishment of sewage and boxes of access within the limits of national forest in aceiro with the largest area of forest remaining, and there was not any respect for existing vegetation that was heavily damaged and with all the permission of the Protected Landscape ...
In conclusion, do not understand how one can say with total displicкncia that the negative impacts and "the number of trees to be killed will be identical in both solutions in one is an existing road, where space channel already exists and the destruction is practically nil, and another, a completely new road from scratch making the slaughter of hundreds of pine trees and their understorey bicentenaries means terraplenagens movements of land and high .... in addition to the huge economic costs, which costs us is the loss of this magnificent ecosystem ..
Thus we are totally against the construction of new stretch of road that crosses the forest and destroys Fears in its core older. We reserve the integrity of Botany, as it remains today.

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