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Martin Lawrence starred in one of the funniest shows in the 90s called 'Martin'. This show is also responsible for many of the catch-phrases used in some of todays current shows, catch-phrases like "You go, boy/girl" or "Get the steppin'". Matin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Thomas Mikal Ford, Tichina Arnold, and Carl Anthony Payne were the amazing cast that has brought a smile to many faces as Martin, Gina, Tommy, Pam and Cole. There were even characters that Martin Lawrence himself portrayed very well such as "Shenehneh", "Otis", "Mama Payne", "Jerome" and "Roscoe" just to name a few.

So I ask you all to please support this petition to have all 5 seasons of "Martin" to be created on DVD. It was one of the many major comedies of the 90s and we would all like to forever remember it's run in such a way.

Thank you.

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Latest Signatures

  • 21 December 201550. Adrian Potts
    THE BEST MAN ON EARTH Funniest episode ALL OF THEM
  • 14 December 201549. Terrell P
    Everyone I know love this show!!! Funniest episode Halloween
  • 12 December 201548. Kyla R
    I love Martin! Funniest episode when they went to the islands and had a rodent in their hut
  • 10 November 201547. Ken Stark
    Hell Yeah Funniest episode When Martin Fought Tommy Herns
  • 06 November 201546. Cvb Kelly
    nvbkghjxb Funniest episode ghfgy
  • 25 October 201545. Anthony S
    I love this show we need it on DVD Funniest episode The Playaz Ball
  • 11 September 201544. Stephen Keller
    that will be and good thing Funniest episode brother man
  • 09 September 201543. Carl L
    about Time Funniest episode One with Tommy Davidson
  • 23 August 201542. Scott L
    I'm buying 3 copies the first day Funniest episode Any w/ Dragan Fly Jones
  • 05 August 201541. Vonte M
    I always watched the show and It should be on DVD. Funniest episode When radio station was brought out
  • 27 July 201540. Lafonda W
    i love that show Funniest episode Gina ran away from Martin
  • 14 July 201539. George V
    This DVD should have been out a long time ago. Funniest episode ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 08 July 201538. Cheryl J
    Martin was a great show Funniest episode Xmas
  • 21 June 201537. Lynnette M
    I really enjoy the show and I miss being able to see my favorite episodes. It was taken off the air too early. Funniest episode Momma Payne's church w/David Allen Grier
  • 08 June 201536. Jothan Jb
    It was and still is one of my favorite shows Funniest episode The tommy hearns boxing match
  • 01 June 201535. Rachel M
    I would definitely buy the DVD collection! Funniest episode When Gina got her head stuck in the headboard during you know what....
  • 19 May 201534. Nesha H
    By far one of the funniest shows...ever! Funniest episode I can't pick just one
  • 13 March 201533. William B
    iam with you all the way ,. Funniest episode all of them ,.
  • 03 March 201532. Tashia Charles
    Martin Funniest episode Martin's class reunion
  • 27 February 201531. Evelyn Bs
    I'm in sync Funniest episode When Mama Payne bounces off the walls
  • 26 February 201530. Joaquin R
    long awaiting Funniest episode When he was boxing
  • 21 February 201529. Tiffany Hopkins
    I luv martin and i want it to be on dvd Funniest episode when martin and gina missed their engagement party
  • 21 February 201528. Shalanda D
    This is a great show and deserves the recognition and respect of being on DVD. Funniest episode Everyone episode was funny!
  • 15 February 201527. June W
    Excited Funniest episode All of them
  • 02 February 201526. Kiara S
    Yall Have To Bring Martin To A Disc Set.. It Is A Must!!! Funniest episode I Laugh Until I'm Blue On Any And Every Episode
  • 30 January 201525. Shonda W
    Yes!!! Funniest episode All of them
  • 24 January 201524. Jason J
    please make this happen Funniest episode The Playas Ball

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