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Terms Used In The Petition :

Game Masters [GM]- The people who work for the company(Nexon) Who manage the game online and keep it stable and harrassment-free

Nexon - Company that runs MapleStory

Wizet - Original Creators of MapleStory

Nexon Cash - Type of Virtual Money used to buy virtual enhancements in the game for better gaming experience.


Countless years after years. We all play various online MMORPG's. And one of the many games we could ever choose from. I play one called MapleStory.

Sadly, The original creators of the game don't even manage their own servers let alone manage the game. After a new company called "Nexon" came up. The only thing we ever see is the quality decrease in the game both in game, and for customer support.

A few years ago. Wizet used to be the only and I MEAN ONLY company that managed MapleStory. Up until now, As Nexon takes controls the game completely gives up all its good quality that used to exist when Wizet Owned it. So far all I can remember is Nexon releasing NX.

That was fun and simple day. Until people started scamming other people with the term [NX for Mesos/Items] And back even then only Paypal was accecpted. So one can easily scam, And then cancel the purchase and because Nexon was money hungry back then. They would simply ban the account that was charged with the money they didn't get so they can make up for the loss money. It may be illegal but at the most, they would only let you recover your account if you were able to get the transaction ID# from paypal in order to clear up the issue which gave scammers the 100\% seal of getting rid of who they scam.

So much after that time, They decided to manage the game a bit less. And the more they started to die out, More hackers also started to appear at the same time. Although there was a anti-hacking protection in the game. And the autoban system within the game. Many hackers still remained for many months and since Nexon started to lose track in manging their own game, They simply did nothing while hackers gained money and leveled at their own pace which was amazingly quick. And those people who actually play the game had to compete with this kind of speed. Eventually when Nexon started to do something about it. It was already too late. And as a last resort, Decided to ban all hackers from the ranking so if you checked the global listings of players, They wouldn't appear. But reguardless rank or no rank, it didn't stop anyone from hacking.

When Nexon came out with the new way to charge for Nexon Cash {NX} for MapleStory and other vaious games Nexon so happened to own. Almost everyone went to any store that sold them. Before Target was the only store, And the cards were only avalible in the United Stats. Canada got their chance at these cards a few months later that year.

At the start of 2008, There was a giant hack epidemic where a certain hack trainer called Xentar was released. This was mid January when it was released. And about the time Nexon planned to release a new function of the game that was highly hyped, And everyone was waiting for it. Out of all the population of players that are active on MapleStory, Less then 30\% of the population was hack-clean. Every part of the game was infected with hackers it made the game unplayable for many weeks up until the point when they released the update when everyone who was a real player and did not hack was still behind where a mass majority of the hackers were having fun in this new content Nexon released.

At the same time barely any users were banned publicly or privately. One of which many players who were fighting for their right to play agasint the numerous hackers, were mistakely banned and soon after ignored if sent in requests to the customer service for their wrongly aimed ban.

Nexon soon afterwards vanished out of no where. Even though the company stll produced content for the game. Many of the updates of which we download are simply translations for the other international versions of the game which follow the same timeline the rest of the other versions have followed. All GameMasters which manage the game stopped replying to any users who requested them. And at the same time would only appear during certain epidemics that involed scamming, Nexon Cash Fraud, Hacking and Misconduct.

To put this in short, Nexon has been a money hungry company. The only times they actually help out their customers are during times in which the game starts to develop chaos among the players. Or when a major issue arises. In game glitches seem to have no efffect since all they need to do are browse public webites until they find it. But even after they find out the problem. They don't simply make another update to fix it. All they have done are put warnings which people ignore because all Game Masters think that players will heed their warning when all it is was a lame excuse to buy more time so they can relax.

Most Game Masters and the Customer Support Department are very unreliable. Apon a closer inspection, Various Customer Support Representatives seem to show lack of care or compassion reguardless of the customers current condition.

An example would be me for one. I used to be a customer of their games. I also played MapleStory, During the major hack leak of early 2008. Involving the Xentar Trainer, I was mistakenly banned for a hackers deeds. I was permantly banned. When I have sent requests, I get a reply from a "GMVector" which tells me my account has been linked with past issues involved with hacks. Which is totally incorrect. When asking more information about their actions. I am given bogus excuses as " This is a duplicate request #######" And even to the point where when I sent in requests where they just simply ignored it and closed it down without a reply.

And they still have the nerve to release more content for more people to buy with their Nexon Cash. They show no real effort to manage a game. Especially since they have already made enough money off MapleStory all together that they were able to obtain the licenses for various other games to register under their company which they have applyed the Nexon Cash system too and have various customers. But of which those games have no corruption like MapleStory has.

If you support my cause, And want to make a difference. Not just for me, Not just to change MapleStory for the better. But for all the users who have not seen this type of corruption and thought they were a good company with good intent. So far all I have seen is ignorance and money hungry people who just want to make a quick buck. Let alone the fact that there are many more people like me who have played.

Imagine all the people who been banned.

All the game developers who own other games and know whats going on with this company and this game

The people in MS who hate the poor GM quality

Even people who play different games might have tried MapleStory at one point.

Theres alot of people who would petition agasint Nexon if they had the numbers. Nexons customers dont beat the fact that if you add them all up. Only maybe 1/2 is Maplestory and the rest go to the other games.

Not all the people who would apply for it would have to play Maple to begin with. Especially when you see Nexon's terrible marketing scemes and terrible customer support as well as their lack of actual concern for the game. Just think back to the Xentar leak that happened before the new content in January.

The GM's didnt ban as many people as they threaten to ban and help fix out the public. Most of the high levels before abused it shitlaods until it got patched.

Theres alot of reasons people would go against it. The only reason is the numbers their afraid of. But if people band together. We could make a difference. Even more we could even get the servers shut down for MapleStory and let Wizet regain control over the game. And all this corruption can be undone. And we can start the game anew just like the golden days of which Wizet used to control.

Thank you for all your help everyone. Let's make a difference. We stand for change. One little person can make a difference. But even if that change happens, It could be too heavy. And with your support, we can help push it forward instead of having a dream squish you back where you started.

We are the new generation to save what is left.

We are gamers, We are workers, We are people

We are united as one.

So let our opinions be heard.

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