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We the undersigned support the nonviolent initiative of the first great WORLD SATYAGRAHA FOR PEACE aimed at rapidly promoting and creating an ALTERNATIVE to the threat of a tremendous conflict at hand which, flaring from the Middle East, would rapidly extend to the whole world.

Every day, every hour, confirm the improvised, fragile, superficial nature of peace, of the UN Security Councils Resolution 1701. Europe seems to risk returning to the tragic, shameful history of its 30s and 40s. In the Middle East the desires for a more or less holy war seem to prevail, a war of intolerance, deadly hostility against the modern world and its civilised foundations.

No matter what the responsibilities and choices of either side may be, there must be an immediate commitment to condemn the goal of eliminating the Israeli state and people from the Middle East (of which they make up 0.2\% of the territory and little more than 1\% of the population). Today this goal is not only allowed, but is proclaimed and propagandised by the highest Iranian authority and by the complex system of power and Terrorist war whose forces and threats seem to worsen and expand with a new subversive, destructive force without precedent.

This tragedy, which has been going on for decades and is at its peak today, is absolute fratricide, anthropologically and culturally, a serious pathological condition to be treated immediately with great political determination to assert the human and humanistic values that have acquired the character of natural rights acquired historically by humanity; and with trust in the deepest, engrained, vital nature and history of this part of the world.

The Mediterranean civilisation - Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Byzantine and lastly secular and tolerant saw the birth and affirmation of the three great monotheistic religions Jewish, Christian, Islamic on this very piece of land that today would seem to have to be the place and cause of a tremendous horrible civil and human apocalypse.

We must react immediately. Continental Europe and the Middle East interpenetrate in history through their Mediterranean peoples.

Israel is the most direct bridgehead for Continental Europe, of its half a billion people, of citizens of the EU or candidate countries.

The EU and Israel have had, and still have, a very serious responsibility: the one, the EU, to abandon the construction, including the institutional construction, of a Great European Fatherland, soul of the Treaties of Rome, to the extent of the European people fearing the weakening of Europe of Fatherlands, extraneous to the founders, the Adenauers, the De Gasperis, the Schumans, and the Spinellis, Ernesto Rossi, Eugenio Colorni, prestigious inspirers and exponents of European federalism; the other, Israel, of being resigned to having chosen a national line of communication and a structural policy of defence, as desperate as it is noble, above all extraneous to the great initial Zionist, humanist, socialist and liberal utopia, essentially Tolstoyan, nonviolent.

Consequently the first INSTRUMENTAL goal available to the first great World Satyagraha for Peace will be the entry and immediate reunion of Israel in the EU, of its natural immediate reunion with Greater Europe continental, Baltic and Mediterranean. Thus the terrorist and military attack on Israel would be deprived of the strength of its most real reasons and its confessed goals. The premonitory sign, the premise, of the hoped-for European, Mediterranean reunion: with Turkey, with Jordan, democratic Palestine and Lebanon, democratic, and on to Maghreb, till Morocco

This way we not only exercise our right to dream and cultivate the dream of this news.

It is for this goal that we appeal to democrats of the whole world, to its parliaments, to the United Nations system that must return to defending and affirming the values and proclamations of its constituting charter, to its constituent people who navigate the Internet, whose freedom would be further denied, ulcerated in the name of the demands of war and security. This appeal can be gathered, adopted, experienced in the days of the First Great World Satyagraha for Peace, Life for the Rule of the Law and the Right for all to Life; CONCRETE ALTERNATIVE to the otherwise probable, upcoming outbreak of a global war, with no geopolitical, ethical, human confines.

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