Mandate For вIMMEDIATE RELEASEв Of Political Prisoner Yoseph Yisrael, A.K.A вLELAND KALUZAв - sign now

Mandate For вIMMEDIATE RELEASEв Of Political Prisoner Yoseph Yisrael, A.K.A вLELAND KALUZAв

On Thursday, October 8th 2009 Yoseph Yisrael Arrived at Montreal Justice du Quebec With Intent To Appear In His Natural Person To Answer The Accusations Of The Crown. Upon Attempting To Represent His Sincere And Honest Person, He Was Captured And Detained Without Legal Justification Or Even Entering A Plea. Supporters Were Then Captured, Detained and or forcefully harassed by Police. Due to the authoritarian nature and lawlessness of these actions against Yoseph Yisrael and his supporters this Mandate was given life.

вI, Yoseph Yisrael, am completely innocent of all offenses that have been claimed against my artificial person "LELAND KALUZA" and the witnesses have totally corrupted the facts surrounding the case because of my Hebrew Israelite consciousness and my open support of Political Prisoner "DANIEL TOPEY". Being that the acquisitions against me came only three months after the shooting & accused detainment of "DANIEL TOPEY" I am confident that this was an attempt to make our associations appear violent based on the fact that Montreal Police such as вEclipseв agents have told us directly that this was their intentions during regular harassment against myself, as well as other associates among my peaceful society. Now, due to the delicate nature of my conscious and unique life experience, I have become a Moral Agent of Yahweh, serving as an advocate for peace, order, good government and human welfare; unto the most afflicted segments of Montreal, Quebec.This Divine duty calls for me, to do or to forbear to do, that which is right; by the code of my moral constitution.

In light of the circumstance, I am now morally obligated to share that on August 21st 2007, I was involved in a community mediation with a young disgruntled member of the community in regards to the aggressive and oftentimes violent nature of the Montreal police department informants of the streets of Montreal. The situation was that this particular Youth was being intimidated and threatened to carry a firearm, to the point in which a Montreal informant supplied this particular youth with the firearm. In loyalty to Montrealвs Hip Hop Creed of Peace through Artistic expression, the Youth informed me He was intimidated and fearful to submit an open statement to the Montreal Police against the informant who had supplied him with the weapon. The proof of this fear is in the fact that the community leader of this Youth ("DANIEL TOPEY") was believed to be set up and shot in the head by the Montreal Police on a false tip from a police informant for the very same thing. A view in which I share the same opinion. At this point, I made the moral judgment to remove the weapon from the possession of this person for the protection of the public and the citizens of the city, with intent to fulfill my duty of maintaining peace, order, and communal welfare, as well as the protection of this Youth who had no other moral helper.

Thus I took it (the gun unloaded) along with a street sign that was in possession of the Youth. After this situation I proceeded with my day, before going home I was headed to a colleagues for some unfinished artistic business carrying a street sign back to what I believed to be it's rightful place. While walking, I saw police officers driving in squad cars from both ends of the street ( on a one way ) and without trusting their honesty or will to hear my true circumstance if harassed, I made the decision to leave the bag & sign on the ground. When I was detained I was told it was for stealing, and I then watched the Montreal citizen members of the police organization look through the only thing that actually belonged to me which was many documents on global political, social, spiritual, economic, & educational matters (The Knowledge), and after doing so one of the Female members of their brotherhood loaded the weapon. When they asked me if the bag was mine I told them that it was not, they then stated other reasons for detaining me. After they captured me I was transported to the location where they hold human beings whom they perceive have offended their society.

Being that I am guiltless and having proved to the Court and more importantly the good, moral, righteous people of this land that in good faith of my God Yahweh, my intentions are to make a special appearance to the court representing my true person in hopes that this tribunal would serve as a sign of true Rule By Law rather then The court of Arbitrariness that many reputable minds and active moral leaders of Canada area are claiming this court to be.

I can no-longer justly defend my self against these accusations according to the manner of this hearing, because all the evidence has been corrupted by the specific citizen members of the Montreal police organization, whom lay as false witnesses against my character. Therefore I must put all faith in the Divine Sovereignty of my God, whoвs name is Yahweh, and the good moral peoples of Montreal, Quebec, who advocate true peace, order, good-government and communal welfare. Shalom and Salvation through Harmony.в

City- Wide Mandate for RELEASE of the Political Prisoner: Yoseph Yisrael; Chief General of The Theocratic State of O CIEL CANADA

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens, human beings and Sovereign Artists who urge all righteous and moral people, organizations, political parties and other leaders to act now to Protect Our Rights and Freedoms enshrined in Our Canadian Charter Guaranteed by Our Constitution. We, the undersigned, Order The "Bureau du juge en chef de la Cour du QuГbec" along with all other legislative bodies to honor the Fundamental Freedoms 2. (a), (b), (c), (d) set forth within the Constitution Act, 1982* Part I Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the public hearing of accused criminal offences against (NATURAL PERSON) Yoseph Yisrael AKA "LELAND KALUZA" (ARTIFICIAL PERSON). We, the undersigned, Order the вIMMEDIATE RELEASEв of Yoseph Yisrael AKA "LELAND KALUZA" from unlawful вdetentionв enforced by Judge Gilles Garneau of the Court of Quebec.

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    release Yoseph Yisrael
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    barakah shem yod he waw he beth noun sofe yod he waw he
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    release my friend !
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    The Montreal police are out of control and out of order FREE YOSEPH YISRAEL
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    free logix !!
  • 13 September 201334. Barack Husseino
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  • 29 June 201332. Antonio Dec
    Love Solution = Evolution
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    very disappointing to here this.....
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    controllin what they dont know
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  • 30 October 201226. Nathanael L
    Peace and Love Brother Yoseph
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