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We the undersigned, would like the city of Glens Falls to come into the 21st Century, by acknowledging the needs of the citizens who live there.

We ask the city to consider the following:

1. Noise pollution concerns. We the undersigned ask that the city of Glens Falls acknowledge that there is such a thing as noise pollution, and limiting the levels of noise pollution within the city limits. For example, this can be done by ticketing and fining motorists whom have loud radios whose vibration and noise can be felt inside both public and residentual buildings. Also, except in times of genuine emergency, see that that Public Works Department not start work before 8am, as do in fact most modern municipalities.

2. Pedestrian safety. We the undersigned ask that the city put more effort by looking after pedestrian safety, a perception being by many, that this is something sorely lacking in Glens Falls, outside of the two downtown business blocks on Glen Street. We ask that the city make a genuine effort to protect the lives and safety of it's own citizens, by: ensuring that all sidewalks in the city--whether publicly or privately owned--are kept in well-maintained positions, and, during winter months, are ALL kept free of snow and ice. This is a serious problem, that has caused many unnecessary injuries to the public in your city, and really does need to be addressed IMMEDIATELY. It is a sad state indeed, when a resident cannot walk downtown in winter, due to dangerous sidewalk conditions, becasue the city refuses to either maintain them itself, nor force property owner to maintain walkways.

Only you can prevent more residents--including some already disabled, and the elderly--from getting injured by bad city sidewalks. It is totally WRONG and somewhat inhumane, to expect residents whom already are penalized by age, infirmity or disability, to walk around on upheaved, broken, icy and unshoveled sidewalks. We understand that financially, times are tough...but how high a price does the city of Glens Falls put on basic human health and safety?

Also, pedestrian crossings: either non-existant, worn to the point of being invisible, or simply just plain unsafe. The undersigned asks that the city take the lives of its people whom walk a little more seriously, and do the following: Stricter enforcement and posting of NY state crosswalk laws. Properly painting ALL crosswalks in the city for the safety of all its residents, and not just for downtown cosmetics. Putting in a proper crosswalk sign or PERMANENT "Yeild to Pedestrians" sign at the Glen/Washington intersection. At this time, it is literally impossible for a north-south pedestrian, to see the east-bound light change! This is highly dangerous. Please do not wait for someone to die, to fix this situation.

3. Public safety. While a lot of people do own cell phones, others do not, or may not have a working phone (dead battery, etc.). There are NO public phones in the downtown area. None. If a person needs to summon help--especially after 11pm or on Sundays--they are plain out of luck. The nearest pay phone downtown (outdoors), is at the bus station. If someone on South Street or Glen Street or Ridge Street needs assistance--they won't be able to summon help at all, without a mobile phone. This is just...wrong. It is totally unsafe and poor planning on the part of the city. To drag your feet over this, is to admit that you do not understand the gravity of the situation. Again, please don't wait for someone to die, before stepping up to the plate to make your city safer.

4. Light pollution. Light pollution is very real. Many cities in western Europe, and more and more cities in the USA are acknowleging this, by reducing the number and frequency of orange halogen lamps. We ask the city to possibly consider reducing the number of this type of lighting in future projects, which blot out the night sky, are so bright that they can be seen easily from outer space, and are also simply very unsightly.

We the undersigned also ask that the city place the following under consideration:

Plan future projects and new businesses, with ALL residents of the city in mind. As it now stands, only a small portion of residents can actually afford to shop downtown, as the few speciality stores are "high end" and this IS a working class city, no matter how Glens Falls tries to deny it, and your working class citizens, the disabled and seniors on fixed ihcomes would also very much like to shop downtown as well as the more affluent, without having to take a bus to Queensbury.

Basically, we ask that the city of Glens Falls, in planning for the future of its downtown, make a serious and discernable effort to be INCLUSIVE, rather than exclusive.

We thank the hard-working public servants of the city of Glens Falls, for seriously considering this petition, and hope that you will be able to integrate at least some, if not all, of the above suggestions in the very near future.

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