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We, the undersigned, to hereby call for the immediate removal of "pop-up" advertisements from all publicly available websites on the internet. We also demand that the United States government, and the other governments of the world, place laws against this form of advertisement, henceforth discouraging companies from attempting such advertising.

A "pop-up" advertisement refers to a new browser window launched from any internet document, containing an advertisement for an outside document, often a third-party website. These advertisements can be overwhelming, and use up system resources, causing malfunctions in the user's computer.

Other such advertisements, similar to the one in question, are "pop-under" advertisements. This refers to a new browser window launched under the original internet document. These are less overwhelming, but can still flood the user's computer, and we, the undersigned, do also call for a law banning this form of advertisement as well.

Both "pop-up" and "pop-under" advertisements hurt all those involved. Both the advertiser's and the original internet document's reputation can be severely damaged. Effectively, the advertiser makes little profit from annoying the consumer, and can only suffer from using "pop-up" advertisement. However, the original document suffers even more, as few are willing to view the document again after being attacked in such a way. The damage done to the user's computer, and mental condition varies. The computer, as mentioned above, can be damaged by an overwhelming amount of these new browser windows, and can make simple tasks take much longer to complete. The advertisement can also cause large amounts of stress to the user, through annoyance. No one benefits from the above.

"Pop-up" advertisements can also be "blocked" by third-party software, however this software can often be ineffective, and occasionally be "spyware", software that only worsens the problem. This problem can cause user's to live in a paranoid fear whenever downloading this, or any other kind of software.

As a result, we, the undersigned, agree that these advertisements should be legally stopped, not only for the sake of the internet user, but for the sake of all those involved in "Pop-up" advertisements. We demand that action be taken by the United States government, and the governments of the world to stop this crime against all those involved, as their citizens, and tax-payers, so that no more persons can be harmed by these advertisements.

We hereby call for the following actions to immediately take place by the respective persons:

1. The United States government place laws against launching a new browser window containing nothing more than an advertisement, or a document focused directly on an advertisement, or launching a new browser of an outside internet document which does not relate to the parent window, without the user's consent, from an internet document.

2. The other governments of the world takes steps to do the above, in countries such as Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, and so on.

Without response from the proper authorities, that is, if this petition goes ignored, further action will be taken in order to remove these ads from all internet documents found on the internet.

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