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We, the undersigned, are calling upon our city, state, and federal representatives to (1) enact legislation specifically criminalizing the unwholesome activity of playing online poker, and (2) devote necessary resources for the enforcement of such legislation.

We recommend first time offenders be prosecuted for a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $2500 or a jail sentence of up to 30 days. Repeat offenders should be prosecuted for a felony punishable by a jail sentence up to 2 years.


1. Moral Costs: Online poker is a sinful activity which promotes greed, envy, pride, and sloth.
2. Effect on Children: Online poker is so easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection that there is no sure way to stop minors from participating in this addictive game.
3. Slippery Slope: Online poker is a gateway vice that will lead to other illegal activities such as illegal sports betting, illegal online casinos.
4. Social Costs: Online poker will increase the rates of divorce, child neglect, bankruptcy, and gambling addiction in our society.
5. Gambling Addiction is a Ticking Time Bomb: National Gambling Impact Commission reported that 15 million American are at risk of becoming pathological gamblers. Legalizing online poker will help trigger that addiction.

We, the undersigned, call upon our elected representatives to criminalize online poker as soon as possible.

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  • 28 August 2015100. You I
    You dead set clowns! This is the funniest thing ever!! AHAHAHAH
  • 01 August 201599. Till Oliver
    Please... Explain why online poker is not moral. Political Party Republican
  • 18 August 201498. Eric Jo
    В Political Party Independent
  • 15 July 201497. Laurie Vans
    I support this petition
  • 04 July 201496. Priscilla R
    The sinners must learn obedience to the values upon which this country was founded. Punishment is the only way we can help them, Political Party Republican
  • 06 June 201495. Jesus C
    Poker isn't against the laws of the father.
  • 18 February 201494. Yarof S
    В Political Party В
  • 26 January 201493. Julie H
    I support this petition
  • 02 January 201492. Donald D
    Imafugnduck Political Party Republican
  • 13 December 201391. Deed P
    Online poker is not a Christian activity. Political Party Republican
  • 02 November 201390. Jacob K
    I support this petition
  • 02 November 201389. Erin S
    Poker is BAD!! Political Party Republican
  • 26 October 201388. I Haveananswertoyourp
    Christians Against Online Poker. IDEA: make poker illegal for Christians, and ill keep living in the land of the FREE. Political Party 100\% independant
  • 31 July 201387. Althea Mcmillan
    Blow me, the lot of you. Political Party TRic for God Party
  • 29 July 201386. A G
    Make it illegal. Political Party В
  • 21 July 201385. Ben F
    Poker is not a game for kids. Political Party Republican
  • 26 June 201384. Jesus C
    dont sign this,im all for gambling people misunderstood Political Party democrat
  • 24 December 201283. Robin W
    I find online poker SO addictive. Ive always gambled, but never experienced anything to gripping...Ive now quit all sites, and cancelled all the cards I used....thank god
  • 23 December 201282. Rob F
    No good can come from gambling. Political Party Republican
  • 06 October 201281. Jason S
    i eat too much chocolate, make that illegal next please, save me from myself!!! Political Party i love bush
  • 30 August 201280. Dell W
    none Political Party none
  • 27 April 201279. Normal P
    Wow, how many idiots at one place. Idiots who can't take care of their own children, who have no life at all, are trying to take away life from others. Pathetic christian fundamentalists are the cancer of our society, they should be banned. Political Part
  • 28 March 201278. Mary Cq
    В Political Party В
  • 02 February 201277. Lauren P
    Make online poker illegal
  • 27 January 201276. Mandel S
    Say no to gambling Political Party none
  • 06 November 201175. Dickivan Short
    "Hi, nice site, visit my web site too! Political Party None
  • 28 July 201174. Fgre Sullivan
    I support this petition

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