To: Major League Baseball

C/O Allan H. (Bud) Selig

Recently, the Mitchell Report entered the public media stream. The 409-page report exhausted much time, money, effort, and overall resources. The report noted the fine details and prevalence of steroid use in the Major League Baseball (MLB) community.

Upon review of the Mitchell Report, no immediate changes or provisions have really been suggested by any of the MLB management staff, including, but not limited to, Allan Selig himself. There has been an air of apathy and overall lack of response to the report as a whole. Now, aside from the time, money, effort, and overall resources that will be flushed down the toilet as a result of such apathy, a more important message will be conveyed to our youth, our fans, our neighbors in different countries, and our general public. That message is that we simply do not care as much about these little things.

Here are a few responses:

Roger Clemens, seven-time Cy Young winner, who is one of the most noted steroid users will not address the public. His attorney denies all claims of his usage.

Donald Fehr, executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, expressed disappointment in the fact that the Union did not have a chance to read the report prior to its public dissemination.

George W. Bush, a former co-owner of the Texas Rangers, stated that we can jump to this conclusion: that steroids have sullied the game.

Roger Clemens, the all-so familiar I-didnt-do-it-syndrome has made its way to your actions; Surprise, surprise. Mr. Fehr, sorry for disappointing you; The composers of the Mitchell Report didnt know they were working around the Union and your convenience. Mr. Bush, another great observation!

I suppose we can see many parallels in this occurrence as we see in our overall national health. We are a country that has been devastated by greed, corruption, and overall disregard for ethics, morals, and simply doing the right thing. However, I remember when I was young and collected baseball cards. These cards were valuable themselves. But the most value came from the faces and stories of those individuals, those heroes on the cards. I remember, as a youth, not collecting cards for any superficial value. I collected them because growing up, I needed a hero to look to. A man who came from the streets or from a challenged upbringing, who went to college, and made it to the big leagues. In a slight fashion, it gave hope and inspiration; I knew that if he could do it, anyone could.

I suppose we have run amuck of this society. Our most profitable companies are oil companies. The very same companies hindering growth and human freedoms are those overpowering human spirit. I suppose the message we are sending our kids is money is most important. Corporate responsibility is not.

The day we feared has already struck. The days of Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron, where they actually looked normal humans and simply relied on technique, finesse, drive, dedication, and most importantly, success through personal evolution are gone. I suppose the message we are sending is that it is OK to be artificially gigantic and beast-like as long as you can hit a homerun out of the field and secure that million-dollar contract.

Where did we go wrong? When did the two roads present themselves? And when did we choose the road we should have never taken?

Will we really instill in our kids and youth of this country and commercialization and compromise of everything, including those values we once believed in, is alright?

In response to the report, the MLB did actually say they are showing about $6 billion in profits recently/yearly. I suppose that is important, in light of the findings of the report. Lets just stuff our pitches, catchers, sluggers, just like we do our turkeys, cows, and chickens. More bang for the buck, right?

But what happened to those days of just practicing, and perfecting your swing, and simply doing it the right way?

I hope in this petition you will know that you are voicing and signing your agreement that this simply cannot go without action or consequence. In the Olympics, if steroid use is detected once, the culprit is gone for two years. If detected twice, the culprit is banned for life. Why not the sport that this country was founded on? The same sport that is our favorite past-time should implement something similar, if not more harsh. After all, we are a country that cares more about doing things the right way, about overcoming natural adversity, and practicing to become the best, rather than simply money and profitsright?

This petition will show that we will accept history to be changed right now. We will show our youth that there are no short cuts in life, especially from injections or pills. That we must, as a whole, succeed without these artificial mechanisms that only do harm in the grand scheme of things. It is sad to know that history books will be written (in a bad sense) of our time and the happenings of our time. But we can still make a change, or atleast attempt to.

This petition will ask for consideration of reform and intolerance for this type of chemical maneuvering that the MLB players execute. This petition asks to be considered in light of profits, and considered in order to show that there are more valuable elements and messages the MLB hopes to convey to our youth and general public.

Remember: what we do in life echoes in eternity.

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