Lt. Jaime Colon and Captain Stofiankos need to be fired. Supervisors Violations sign now

I have started this iPetition against two Elizabeth Police dept officers due to their lack of professionalism. First, Lt. Jaime Colon, a veteran officer with the Elizabeth Police dept, had prior knowledge and was advised thru out my entire marriage to his brother...Officer Egberto Colon Jr. that he was armed and dangerous. On several occasions , Lt. Colon was told over phone conversations, that I couldn't take anymore of the Physical, Mental and Emotional abuse.

Lt. Colon over the years advised me, don't call Police, i will take it of it, its kind embarrassing to expose him to others in department. Well, society, the violence in my home became more aggressive and dangerous.

Lt. Colon was texted messaged on 8/9/2010, Please as a husband and my self and the girls. Please get your brother help....Text was never responded. On 8/10/2010 , my daughters 11 birthday, Officer Colon Jr. beat me with closed fits in face, knock out my two front teeth, and gave me a concussion.

On8/12/2010 , instead of just leaving the home....He decided to physical harm my daughters ( my little one was 15 months old), and he tried to throw her from second landing floor to her death. If it wasn't for fast reaction of my older daughter, my baby would be dead today. I was knock out on floor for several minutes, while this happened. Coming too, he pushed me into master bedroom closet...took a small hammer and swung it , which i docked. it made a hole on door. second he took his service weapon and pressed against my head....And precede to yell...I'm going to fucking blow your brains out. In a spilt of a second , i pushed him and ran to safety with my daughters. As i preceded to drive off the drive way, i call Stafford Township Police dept....Please hurry my husband is crazy, he is dangerous and armed.

Now regarding Captain Alexander Stofiankos of Internal Affairs, he as contacted 8/16/2010, and advised that Officer Egberto Colon Jr., is a violent and dangerous individual and he abused myself thru out my entire pregnancy. Captain Stofiankos was sympathy and gave me , all information i requested. On 9/22/2010, i emailed the Captain for immediate help, Officer Colon Jr. was making threats of burning down the home, coming and killing all of us. I was ignored and for 6 days, Officer Colon , made over hundreds of phone calls, threats of death and text messages .....

I even have documented i had to inform the home insurance agent Ms. Delgado of the threats ....He made of burning down the house with all of us in it.

Without any response from EPD, i had to seek a temporary restraining order against officer colon. This was my Second attempt to have this man leave us alone. I also had to contact DFYS Division of Youth and Family services, he also text threats to his own daughter.

Our situation was a living hell, Where was his department in help the victims of this monster. No where....they ignored my plea for help, been documents and recorded with Policeabuse,com. Thank you Mr.Kamau. no one has ever taken the response for information on their investigation against Officer Egeberto Colon Jr. As far as I have knowledge...He is armed again and dangerous...

Once an Abuser will always be an abuser....He is dangerous and very calculating, vindictive and sciopathic lunatic. This man has no soul....He is a demon, a monster.....

Please my supporters, i request you to sign a ipetition which i will present to Attorney Paul Dow in person. Supervisor are to do their job properly and stop covering up misconduct from their employees......

Blessings Always,

O.I.D.V. Survivor

Clara Colon

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