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To convince the Libertarian Party (national) to make the politically wise decision of endorsing Republican Ron Paul for President in exchange for pledges from winnable Ron Paul candidates like Andrew Horning, Frank Gonzalez and others to run as Libertarians once again.


We offer what follows as our reasons for circulating this petition:

Whereas 2008 is likely the last chance our country has to elect a President who respects the natural-born and Constitutional rights of its citizens;

Whereas Ron Paul's campaign needs all the assistance it can rally;

Whereas Ron Paul deserves tremendous credit for running for President as a Libertarian in 1988 in his unsuccessful effort to transform the Libertarian Party into a formidable third political Party;

Whereas the Libertarian Party (national) has had NO Libertarians elected to federal office in the 36 years they have existed to represent their much deeper philosophical namesake;

Whereas deciding to make this uncharacteristic decision could dramatically increase the public's faith in the Libertarian Party's future as a viable political Party instead of its current reputation as an ineffective social club heavy on ideas but seriously lacking in political acumen;

Whereas the heroic Ron Paul is now in his early 70s and cannot live forever;

Whereas the philosophically libertarian movement must find successors to both serve as Congressional allies and as dynamic Libertarian leaders who can make passionate libertarian arguments;

Whereas Andrew Horning and Frank Gonzalez have both run federal races as Libertarians in the past--Gonzalez even earning 27\% as recently as 2004, eclipsing his Democrat predecessor who, despite spending three times more money just six years earlier, received only 25\%;

Whereas 2006 Libertarian candidate for US House, Michael Badnarik, sunk over $400,000 in a three-way race only to get just 4.31\% of the vote, while Frank Gonzalez spent $0 as a Libertarian in his three-way race in 2002 and received 4.34\%, Gonzalez proved that money does NOT define a campaign's success but is merely one small component of it;

Whereas Andrew Horning and Frank Gonzalez later ran as a Republican and a Democrat, respectively, and both earned over 40\% as such, thus earning them considerable name recognition and impressive, real-life political experience;

Whereas Frank Gonzalez stunned his worst critics in 2006 when he earned 41\% of the vote with only $16,000 against a candidate who spent $1 million--the widest margin (58-1!) in south Florida if not the entire state--yet was the only general election challenger to finish with no debt;

Whereas 2008 "free agent" candidates like Frank Gonzalez broke their major Party affiliations over refusing to tolerate ethics violations from these other Parties and are now willing to give the Libertarian Party one last chance to save its credibility and unite libertarians everywhere;

Whereas Frank Gonzalez's fluency in Spanish can reach hundreds of thousands of hispanic voters and beyond to spread Ron Paul's and the Libertarian Party's very important messages in defense of individual freedom;

Whereas Andrew Horning and Frank Gonzalez have almost fully harnessed the power of the internet through sites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube to further entrench their name recognition;

Whereas wealthy Ron Paul Republican contributors would appreciate this strategy for electing a respectable Republican and would, thus, be likelier to reciprocate by helping such Libertarians seeking positions in the US House;

Whereas such Ron Paul candidates will only run as Libertarians if the Libertarian Party explicitly endorses Ron Paul, as a Republican;

Whereas the result of this plan would put a libertarian Republican in the White House and several Libertarians in the US House;

Be it resolved, on this 16th Day of July, in the year two-thousand seven, that we come together to focus our energy on realizing this plan because it is thoroughly innovative, sensible, collaborative, honest and urgently necessary.


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