Liberate the Gujrat from the clutches of Fascist Modi.Responsibility of Govt India to Act Immediatly for greater cause of the Humanity sign now

From Civil Liberties Monitoring committee, India
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An Appeal

Liberate the Gujarat from the clutches of Fascist Modi
Responsibility of center govt to Act Immediately for the greater cause of the Humanity

Gujarat once known as Gandhis Gujarat the land of peace and harmony, from where Gandhi started his satya girha movement to liberate the India from the British rolers.but this Gandhis Gujarat turns in to Modis Gujarat where the terror of modi created feared, and No body can raise the voice against this undemocratic ruler. He is the master mind behind the godhra conciperacy, then he ordered to killed the Muslims, raped the women, burnt them alive provide all type of facilities BJP, VHP, BD, gangsters to destroy the properties of Muslims, supplied the kerosene, petrol and gas cylinders to burnt the shops, Mosques, durgas, and other religious places of Muslim.
Modi committed the crime against humanity, now so many facts coming out that this criminal Modi issued an order to eliminate Muslims. By following his order Gujarat administration provides the enough material to Sangh Gangsters to do what ever they want to eliminate Muslims and demoralized them by mass raping their women and then burnt them alive in front of their children. Police provides protection to the gangsters and members of legislative assembly and police led the mob and identified the arias of Muslims

By following his order on 28/02/05 a violent mob of sangh gang led by political leaders and police attack on Gulberg society of Ahmadabad and killed 68 people including Mr. Ahsan jafari former M.P of congress and cuts him into the pieces and burnt him, women mass raped in front of the police. *On 28/02/02 at Norda patia 120 men and women killed in one day only*Corers of rupees properties and business establishments destroyed to week their economical status. *Thousands of Muslims are disappeared and nobody knows about their fate*The eye witnesses of this genocide living with fear and terror that the crime branch officers registering the cases against them*These eye witnesses are not permitted to enter their localities even after 3 years of Genocide*Thousands of Muslims detained in the jail and hundreds are the victim of POTA, the conditions of families of these detainees is wrest, they are not in position to get meals for two times. *Crime branch of Ahmadabd terrorizing not only people of Ahmadabad this terror spread all over the India, and Modi is backing this criminal force of crime branch. Judiciary is not independent and working under the control of modi
One young girl whos father and husband are in the sabarmati jail told that Muslim were hope full that congress who is ruling in center will provide justice to the Muslim, but congress failed to fulfill its promises, congress obtained Muslims vote to gain the power by showing the dead bodies of Muslims and narender modi got power by showing Muslims as terrorist, but she is hope full that a time will come that criminal modi will be behind the bar and innocent will be released.
After the statement of an IPS officer that modi has issued order to eliminate modi, and the recent attack on lalu prasad Yadu, it is clear that modi is the Master mind of all criminal activities. The fact is that as long as Narendra Modi remains at the helm of Affairs in Gujarat, the perpetrators of the Genocide have little chance of being brought to book. If justice is to prevail, a necessary condition for this must be created through the dismissal of the Modi government under Article 356 of the Constitution.
Civil Liberties believes while there are legitimate apprehensions among many about the use of Article 356,the Gujarat case is an exceptional one in so much as the state government has been seriously implicated by the National Human Rights Commission [NHRC] and even the Supreme Court, in what is perhaps the most inhuman, horrendous and un-Constitutional acts in the history of post-Independence India. In the past few months courageous statements of serving police officials have lent voice to the outrage expressed by these institutions and hundreds of groups of civil liberties, human right and individuals. These stands by serving policemen, that been made public that clearly show that orders were issued by none less than the present chief minister, Narendra Modi that Muslims who resist or protest should be eliminated. Put together, the imposition of Article 356 in Gujarat is warranted not only on grounds of humanity and Constitutional propriety, but also for the very maintenance of the country's unity, integrity and secular fabric.
Under these circumstances Civil liberties Monitoring Committee, India demands with the central govt not to become silent spectator of the situation, act immediately and liberate the Gujarat from the clutches of Modi by imposing article 356 for the greater cause of the humanity, and protect countries unity and integrity, Civil Liberties also appeals to the people of India to join in the movement to change the modis Gujarat into Gandhis Gujarat.
Lateef Mohd Khan

Plase send the appel to president of india on the following e amil address.

[email protected],
[email protected]
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President of india National human right commission

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    modi hatao desh bachao organisation/Individual Activist
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    I support the petition name and address В organisation/Individual CPDR
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    I agree with the petition name and address koimbatur organisation/Individual Activist
  • 24 July 201597. Riyaz A
    Please arrest this criminal organisation/Individual Individual
  • 31 May 201596. Afsar Wilcox
    impose rule of law organisation/Individual H/w
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    I SUPPORT IT organisation/Individual Activist
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    Modi change the credibility of India so he convict name and address Del organisation/Individual Individual
  • 14 March 201593. Irene Gm
    I support this petition to the president of India name and address Irene G. Mercado, Lot 14 Blk. 4 Guadalupe Village, Lanang 8000 DAvao City organisation/Individual PROJECT - AIM, Inc.
  • 13 February 201592. Afshan K
    stop the terror of modi by sacking him organisation/Individual civil liberties
  • 04 January 201591. Aalia Mcfarland
    sonia must react immidiatly organisation/Individual INDIVIDUAL
  • 02 January 201590. Riyazudeen Woodard
    arrest modi name and address riyaz and kerala organisation/Individual infosys
  • 27 December 201489. Mahamid Mcbride
    modi should be behind the bars organisation/Individual Individua;
  • 20 June 201488. Naheed K
  • 12 May 201487. Azim A
    Modi government in gujrat working against the secularism,which is the basic structure of Indian Constitution.In SR Bomai v.Union of india the S.C held that if the state government is working against the basic structure of the Constitution the President ru
  • 27 March 201486. Afzal Warren
    remove the modi organisation/Individual Activist
  • 23 March 201485. Atiya R
    impose rule of law instead of modi organisation/Individual Teacher
  • 13 March 201484. Rayees F
    Sack the modi and save the country organisation/Individual Teacher
  • 26 August 201383. Mohammad Afsark
    Modi (Kutta) should be in jail name and address Buland Shahr - Uttar Pradesh, INDIA organisation/Individual Group
  • 09 August 201382. Drrehanasultana Stein
    impose article 356 and sack the modi organisation/Individual clmci
  • 15 June 201381. Bilquees T
    Justice sould be done organisation/Individual H/w
  • 19 April 201380. Mohd Farooqh
    Sack the modi and save the country organisation/Individual INDIVIDUAL
  • 04 April 201379. Kareemunnisa Lang
    upa govt should fulfill the responsibility organisation/Individual Teacher
  • 03 March 201378. Norma N
    Liberate the Gujrat from the clutches of Fascist Modi!!! organisation/Individual Individual
  • 27 December 201277. Mrinalini R
    modi deserves to be punished for his gross violations of human rights organisation/Individual university of texas at austin
  • 30 November 201276. Sanjay Crawford
    what u r doing,comeon take the action organisation/Individual student
  • 11 November 201275. Lallan Estrada
    We should resist Modi's undemocratic methods name and address lallan, Panjab University, Chandigarh organisation/Individual Critique: A student's Discussion Forum, P.U. Chandigarh
  • 26 August 201274. Mirza Saadb
    give the human face to Gujrat by sacking the modi organisation/Individual MSO

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