Ley, Get Rid of Nellda Please sign now

To: Leon Bailey



Leon Bailey

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Blake Bryson

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To the Executives and Veteran Mods of www.wordofsouth.com:

We, the posters of the Da Dirty Round Table DDRT, strongly request for Leon Bailey to fire N.O. King as soon as possible. Currently, the posters of DDRT are in a fair mood, but pretty soon the Majority of the posters will move on to different message boards leaving DDRT to disintegrate. Nellda AKA N.O. King does not have the proper credentials to handle the responsibilities, duties, and daily task necessary to be a successful mod. It hasnt been a week and devoted posters are already intolerant of N.O. Kings position. We are anxiously hoping for an abrupt suspension of N.O. Kings Mod status.

N.O. Kings posting abilities, time and time again, have proven what an intolerable Mod he is destined to be. We proved our loyalty by not going to Allhiphop.com once Odeisel launched the site with enhanced features. New member records were set; the veteran posters added to the foundation of www.wordsouth.com. With a new month approaching the suspension of "Nellda" on July 31st, now would be a perfect time for you to hire a new "MOD", and strike while the iron is hot.

To deny devoted posters the opportunity to voice their opinions across My Block may be limiting the appeal www.wordofsouth.com, so we are signing this petition in hopes our voices will be heard. We are sure that this is the best thing for the future of the website.

It is our request that you reply to this petition and let us know of your decision. We will not email, fax, or call your offices; we will not inconvenience any websites you have set up for business purposes and feedback.

Should we not receive a reply, then we would like to thank you for this platform to express our strong desire to see this film.


Devoted posters of DDRT, HI, LI, BOF, and all other divisions of www.wordofsouth.com

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Latest Signatures

  • 17 novembro 201550. N Ok
    stop it guys, its not my fault im gay
  • 09 abril 201549. Luckyfrankie Webster
    I can count higher than you, na nana boo boo
  • 17 março 201548. Bran Dad
    Noticed he was a fag a long time ago.
  • 24 fevereiro 201547. Souljaslim Black
    I love me some NO King.
  • 27 janeiro 201546. Memphissac Rodriguez
    I hate him
  • 02 janeiro 201545. The Realpurpleh
    WTF is signing in my name?
  • 25 setembro 201444. Pink Shepard
    He don't be leavin no room on T.I.'s dick for me
  • 25 setembro 201443. King M
    He's on the DL in ATL.....I don't work with FAGS
  • 11 setembro 201442. Marcel Pb
    Wayne ))))))) T.I,P.
  • 30 agosto 201441. Lb Shaw
    I wont fire you under one condition....you grease my crusty ass lips
  • 15 agosto 201440. Nellda Alexander
    ley, please don't fire me. I'll kill myself you demote me
  • 08 agosto 201439. Mmx Wells
    What an emberassment to ATL
  • 30 julho 201438. Jedi Terrell
    That mod job is MINE.
  • 16 julho 201437. Bbs Goodman
    He don't even rep a southern city, he reps ATL
  • 09 julho 201436. Mr
    Hes changed since hi s move to ATL., SMH
  • 16 junho 201435. Ricardo Weeks
    BR ) NO
  • 28 maio 201434. Mr G
    I gladly sign
  • 23 abril 201433. Gin Cuevas
    I like in the butt.......Riz bring the Ky
  • 20 abril 201432. Charisma Davies
    N.O. King could be my Teddy Bear any day......muah
  • 16 abril 201431. Hlf Schwartz
    I want to be the biggest TI fan on WOS.
  • 10 março 201430. N Ok
    why dont you guys like me? is it cuz im gay?
  • 07 dezembro 201329. George B
    i need some viagra so i can rape nellda
  • 30 novembro 201328. N Ok
    i was brutally raped in prison, i think thats what made me gay so its not my fault guys
  • 29 novembro 201327. Ganugga Hess
    suck my balls nellda
  • 20 outubro 201326. Kj A
    HAHAHA, he should be fired though
  • 31 agosto 201325. Gin Russell
    only real mexicans get down with the dirty sanchez. say triple ds lets show these puto eses how we get down ese puto loco
  • 03 agosto 201324. Southsillil Valentine
    stop fuccin yo sistah

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