Lets Shut Down Dr. Michael Elterman's Child Custody Report Mill, and Demand the Government of B.C. to conduct an inquiry, similar to Goudge Inquiry in to the conduct of Dr. Smith in Ontario in order to protect the children of British Columbia - caught in sign now

Some day, a wise person in a position of authority will realize that a court of law is not the best forum for deciding custody and access disputes, where principles of common sense masquerade as principles of law. Implementing the best-interests-of-the-child precept requires objectivity, not a legal education.
Honourable Justice Joseph W. Quinn
Ontario Superior Courts
May 1st, 2008
Geremia vs. Harb

It does not matter whether you are a Parent or a Child, Guardian, Grand Parent, Foster Parent, or simply someone who knows that a child or a parents life or someone associated with a child, in which Dr. Michael Elterman, was the Child Custody Evaluator than this is your chance to speak your mind and state your feelings, how your life has been negatively impacted, what would you like to see, what steps should the B.C. Government should take to strengthen the process, and curtail the abuse which handful of psychologists (Negative Advocates) are able to achieve on behalf friends in legal profession, who in return keep on greasing their Child Custody Report Mill, by sending more children and parents to be abused, and more stories to be fabricated.

Lets demand that the current B.C. Liberals conduct a through inquiry into, Dr. Eltermans quarter century of work in authoring more than 2500 thats 100 Child Custody Reports in one year two per week. An Inquiry equivalent to the Goudge Inquiry in Ontario, into the conduct of yet another expert Dr. Smith, and the impact it has had on innocent peoples lives. He finally apologized to those whom have been affected by his Expert Reports. The people in B.C. still wait.

Please fill the information below, and state your reason for the demand for an inquiry into Dr. Eltermans past reports, and you reasons, and how your life has been negatively impacted.

Please Read Below for further information:

Every day across North America in family courts, where custody and access disputes are being argued before the judges; child custody evaluators appear before the judges, mostly child psychologists, known as The Child Custody Evaluators with their Prima Facie Self Evident findings apparently based on their Independent and Unbiased investigation, providing recommendations for the courts, in regards to custody and access always keeping the-best-interest-of-the-child precepts in mind serving the childrens need as they often persuade the courts by using verbiage such as my clients are the children, and unfortunately, since these psychologist, or custody evaluators are under oath, considered officers of the courts with their prima facie reports, the judges are often compelled to adopt the recommendation, based on the contents of this prima facie recommendations, prepared by these officers of the courts.

Majority of these psychologists are honest and truthful about their concerns for the children, and recommend to the courts access and custody arrangements only based on their honest, independent, and unbiased investigation, after properly following all the correct procedure, rules, codes of conducts, speaking to the parties, especially the children, and investigating any and all concerns, etc others may not be as candid or truthful, or just sloppy in their work, because they may very well be operating what is known as A Child Custody Report Mill.

One prominent child custody evaluator, Dr. Michael Elterman, in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, who is currently on the Board of Directors for the regulatory authority for the psychologists in B.C. The College of psychologists of B.C.

He has been providing custody and access arrangement recommendations to the courts in B.C. and has authored approximately 2500 such reports, according to his own testimony on the stand, within the span of approximately 25 years.

That is an average of about 100 reports in a year, 2 reports per week, costing disputing parents in 2007 cost about $7K per report. He is apparently spending about 30-35 hours on each report an income of about $14K per week for about 60-70 Hours of work Not a bad living; in addition to (as the author understands) having a 40 hour full-time practice concurrently , fetching another $8K $22K per week thats a gross annual income of about $1.14 million dollars a year.

Therefore, based on the above information one would expect such a highly qualified professional child psychologist independent and unbiased free from errors after all he is being paid well to serve the needs of the children. One could easily raise a concern as to why when a person Googles Dr. Michael Elterman with apostrophes a list of controversies web links listed at the end erupt like some Supernova A Litany of controversial Fireworks, with remarks such as the following:

Porn-Industry mom wins custody.

Custody assessors decide children's fates, but who has control over them?
Complaints common: Parents have little recourse when the 'experts' err

Mr. Jones (whose name has been changed to protect the privacy of his children) blames his loss on a child custody report by Dr. Michael Elterman, a Vancouver psychologist whose recommendations were later adopted by a judge.

In early 1994, Dr. Elterman wrote an 18-page report in which he recommended that sole custody of the two young children be awarded to Mr. Jones' ex-wife. But among the short list of reasons he offered was one that has left Mr. Jones angry, and confused.

"What he decided was that my former wife's ego is so insecure that the children should be employed as tools to stabilize her [mental health]," Mr. Jones told the National Post. "And because I love them so much, I would figure out some way -- even though I didn't have custody -- to protect them from the worst damage that she could do."

Mr. Jones' complaint further alleged that Dr. Elterman was running a "custody report mill." In the Jones case, it took Dr. Elterman approximately eight working days to complete his assessment, yet his CV appeared to indicate that he was conducting in excess of 200 of them a year. This, Mr. Jones wrote in his complaint, suggested "that either Dr. Elterman is misleading clients and the courts as to his practice" or it constitutes "prima facie evidence of negligent conduct," since there "is no conceivable manner in which he can produce so many reports."

"I spent $300,000 trying to get justice," he says. Between fees to the psychologists and lawyers and court costs, "I spent $300,000 to find out the system is insane."

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A Kidnapped Mind: story of a mother whose child ultimately committed suicide, despite her efforts to convince the courts not to adopt Dr. Eltermans convoluted recommendations, leading to parental alienation. Dr. Eltermans prima facie recommendations were adopted, the child ultimately committed suicide:


An Article in National Post: http://www.fact.on.ca/newpaper/np990130.htm

Hall of Shame: http://www.kids-right.org/shame3.htm

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