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Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, or Fullmetal Alchemist, has become an international phenomenon. The anime was recently voted as the #1 anime of all time in a September 2005 TV Asashi web poll. Both the anime and manga versions of the series have garnered massive popularity in both Japan and North America.

As it is with almost any anime or manga series, the fans are bound to be drawn into the possible romances and love stories between the characters. One pairing from Hagane no Renkinjutsushi that many fans like is Scar/Lust. In the anime series, Scar had an older brother who had a beautiful and kind girlfriend. Scar himself was in love with the woman, but could not act upon his feelings due to the fact that the woman was with his older brother.

Scars brother and his lover had plans to marry when the beloved woman fell ill. She soon after died, and Scar's brother went into a severe state of depression and desperation. After prodding through old recordings and writings of the ancient Ishbalans, Scar's brother found a way to possibly bring his lover back to life through the use of alchemy. Even though Ishbals culture had changed to where alchemy was considered blasphemous, Scars brother let his sorrow and desperation get the better of him. He studied the practice of alchemy, and later tried to perform a human transmutation to bring back his girlfriend. He failed, of course, and was suggested to have lost his reproductive organs in the process.

Years later, after Ishbal had been attacked and destroyed by the Amestris military, Scar took it upon himself to take revenge against all state alchemists for what they did to his people, homeland, and brother, who was supposedly killed by a state alchemist during the attacks. Along the way of his journey, Scar encountered a strange and strikingly familiar-looking woman: the homunculus named Lust. Wondering if his brother really did succeed in bringing his girlfriend back, Scar clung tightly to the locket that his brother had received from his girlfriend before she died and hoped that the woman had been given a second chance.

Scar and Lust confronted each other during episode 42 of the television series, just as Scar was about to activate the transmutation circle in Liore to create the Philosophers Stone. They ran down the streets of the city, hoping to avoid being shot down by the soldiers that had invaded to capture Scar, who was planning on using their lives to complete the Philosophers Stone. As they were dashing through the streets, three soldiers spotted them and attempted to shoot Scar. They would have hit Lust if Scar hadnt jumped in front of her to protect her from the bullets, even though they would not have harmed her. When Lust reminded him of this fact, he replied that his body had moved on his own. Lust then asked if hed loved her, and he answered that he had loved his brother's lover, not her. Many fans got the impression that hed still become attracted to Lust, however, because the scene cut over to Scar and Lust hiding in an abandoned building with Scar expressing all of his feelings to Lust over the hatred of his brother for turning his back on the teachings of their god. His sudden expression of feelings, along with some of Lusts dialogue (I dont even know your name), suggests that they may have kissed or confessed some sort of love to each other.

At the end of Conqueror of Shamballa, a gypsy couple appears to give Ed and Al a ride. They look exactly like Scar and Lust, except for the missing scar on Scars face. After reading the Letters to Amestris, where Ed addressed this Scar as something along the lines of Mr. Similar, and watching the After-Movie Chibi Party OVA, debate has brewed over whether or not the gypsies at the end of the movie were in fact Scar and Lust, whose minds had crossed over into new bodies through the Gate, or simply alternate versions of them.

Many fans do not feel that the Scar/Lust couple received enough closure or attention during the series. Also, two other favored and suggested couples in the anime, Ed/Winry and Roy/Riza, are also suggested in the manga, while there is no Scar/Lust in the manga. The two former couples may receive a lot of attention in further chapters of the manga that will be enjoyed by their fans, while the Scar/Lust fans will be stuck wondering about what happened with their anime-only couple.

What this petition is asking is that more attention and closure be given to the Scar/Lust couple in any way- through new posters, wall scrolls, novels, official art, merchandise, or possibly even an OVA. Hagane no Renkinjutsushi is a landmark anime series, and fans would be delighted to see more attention given to one of its most well-loved couples.

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