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Grateful Dead music inspires in its fans an extraordinary passion, hence this news of pulling the archive is breaking the heart of thousands of people today. We see the Grateful Dead historically as a representation of something pure and good. In order to love something so much, you have to trust it. Despite the stereotypes and social mockery, we have proudly remained fans of the Grateful Dead for all these years, defending it and ourselves because we knew in our heart that this music we are following is good, and pure. Some say we have no right to protest this mid-game changing of the rules. But what those people are not accounting for is the MILLIONS of hours that Deadheads have collectively spent in combining, uploading, remastering, patching flawed recordings.....voluntarily, and out of love, and trusting that it would be shared freely. In our opinion, at this point to stop the free sharing of these recordings is so sad, and so wrong. Jerry is gone, and he has no say, and we all know what he would have said. This is unfair to us. So much work has gone into building the archive. Please let it stand.

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Latest Signatures

  • 13 December 2015200. Jay G
    Put it back the way it was
  • 17 November 2015199. Steve C
    BOYCOTT!!!!! The rule of thumb in these situations is: for every one of us signing this petition, there are 100 more who agree. I don't have to spend a dime ever on the GD, and won't until the boards are restored for download.
  • 13 November 2015198. James F
    please bring back the sbd's!!!
  • 11 November 2015197. Lisa C
  • 31 August 2015196. Tom L
    25 shows from '90-'95. I'm all paid up.
  • 26 August 2015195. Doneal S
    hear the people
  • 19 July 2015194. Michael M
    I will not buy anything from GDM untill the Sound Boards are back up.
  • 28 June 2015193. Joseph Dh
    Building the Archive was a part of the GD community and should continue !
  • 18 June 2015192. Rich E
    Thanks for providing what you did for as long as you did.
  • 12 June 2015191. Scott F
    please make the soundboards available again - they rejuvenated my interest, and I spent money on official merchandise after rediscovering the band via archive.org
  • 09 May 2015190. Peter F
    PLEASE find a way to get the music back out
  • 10 April 2015189. Mike S
    Stop being greedy! Remember who made you what you are.
  • 06 March 2015188. Stacy M
    Piss of GDM and Bobby, we now know what RAT DOG actually means!
  • 05 March 2015187. Colin B
    Just another dishearten fan that would love to see the SBDs available as before. For some reason I expect cooler heads will prevail and restore these golden SBD gems.
  • 04 January 2015186. Eric L
    This is only because mickey does nothing, billy does nothing, and cant make any money now. Phil is touring and working hard. He is making $$$. The others are not and want to ride on what they have done before. I am not sure what bobs angle on it is other
  • 20 December 2014185. Dead Ng
    To The Dead : Forgiveness and redemption are Grateful Dead values. You hurt more than you realize, your own good names above all, by this utterly asinine and so-obviously-disingenuous and transparently greedy stumble. We all know you are better than this.
  • 06 December 2014184. Ross T
    Cold Rain and Snow In Kansas...Peace
  • 03 December 2014183. Craig C
    i love the dead
  • 12 November 2014182. Pete S
    Lefty Wilbury lives
  • 17 October 2014181. Uncle S
  • 09 August 2014180. Michael Salazar
    my boycott still stands
  • 30 June 2014179. Joseph C
    Great move, Ungrateful Dead. First of all, Mickey should have never been let back in the band after he left in 71. That's why he doesn't want you to hear soundboards. Bill by himself is 10 times the drummer compared to both of them together. Mickey plays
  • 28 June 2014178. Vince L
    Please don't make this mistake. Reinstate the archive.
  • 26 June 2014177. Brian O
    You can't put the genie back in the bottle
  • 23 June 2014176. Whitney D
    Of all things in this world to be destroyed by the monster of money and greed, please. this is the grateful dead. one of the standing physical remnants of a time in this country when we all knew there was something more than $ out there. A time when life
  • 06 June 2014175. Stephen S
    I love this band
  • 06 June 2014174. Claus V
    It is and it was always okay that the official released shows were removed from the archive. but all the sbd in which other people put a lot of time to patch, remaster or doing something else - all these sbd-recordings not only belong to you. at least: wh

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