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On February 1st, 2004 in Sarasota, Florida, an 11 year old by the name of Carlie Bruscia was abducted, raped and murdered. Had it not been for a video surveillance camera, her assailant might still be walking the streets. But as it turned out, the evidence against the child murderer was so overwhelming that he had no choice, but to confess. The jury took less than 5 hours to deliberate and find this Joseph Smith, guilty of child abduction, rape and murder.

Two life sentences and a death sentence were handed down to the convict. Now almost 3 years after Carlie's violent end, this killer is still alive. How many years will this person be allowed to live, after rightly being sentenced to death? Doesn't the possibility exist, that he could escape and take the life of another innocent and helpless victim? For what other reason would such people be kept alive? and on our tax dollars?

Any community, society, or justice system, allowing and condoning such a prolonged stay of execution becomes, on some level, just as guilty as the culprit himself. Now all executions are being halted, because there is concern that these murderers, who so brutally butchered their victims, might feel some pain. What about the 11 year old victim? Can we not assume that she begged for mercy? Did her pleas matter to this Joseph Smith? He may have even enjoyed listening to them, as he put her in a tremendous amount of pain. Then he took her young life. So what if this Joseph Smith and people like him feel some pain while they die? Carlie Bruscia didn't start it, and it still as yet is not finished. She was simply on her way home when she was taken from behind a car wash. There the murderer thought his acts where being done in secret and out of sight.

This is the worst sort of outrage. God forbid these convicted murderers should feel any pain. People die everyday from all kinds of incidences and pain, most often accompanies death. Innocent people dying from common happenings, such as traffic accidents and cancer often go through tremendous pain. Yet a child murderer should not pay the price, because he might become uncomfortable during the execution. How ridiculous. Could it be that government officials are more concerned for the culprits, than they are for the victims, both past and potential?

This is a petition to bring back justice for the murdered. No murder should be tolerated in any way, especially that of a defenseless child. Forget the lethal injection. This petition proposes that the execution be carried out no more than 30 days from its completion and be done by hanging, electric chair, beheading, gas chamber or firing squad. Real punishment is a proven deterrent. We, as descent and responsible society, should not have to fear for the safety of our children or any other helpless citizen. We have a grave responsibility to protect them from this kind of terrible fate. To the sort of people, like Joseph Smith, who would commit such a horrendous act; let them know that death will come swiftly, and let us at least try to put the fear of God in them, as we get real justice for Carlie. Our proper response to her unfortunate end, could save the life of the next, would be victim.

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