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We, the undersigned, are fans of the Iranian Diva, Googoosh, who according to law has been provisionally banned to perform on the stage for being accused of breaching her contract.

On Dec 17th 2004, only eight days before the date of her concert in Las Vegas when Googoosh has been informed that she wouldnt be able to perform on the stage, she eventually decided to get all her grief off her chest and talk to people. As you may know, she had arranged a live interview program which was broadcasted simultaneously on more than 10 TV channels through satellite and on that program she clearly explained to all Iranians around the globe the realities that are happening behind the scene in the so called art society in LA. She revealed all the hidden stories and talked about Iranian Mafia-like powers in LA and how they swindled her by acting as mediators between her and concert organizing companies for several times. She talked about things that happened to her before and especially after she left Iran in 2000 either in Canada or in the United States. These unsaid words were extremely poignant. She truly shook the hearts of the whole Iranian nation. It was the first time ever she did such enlightenment. She is our national icon. We love her and respect her more than anyone else because she brought love and respect to our lives for more than 50 years. We LIVE with her and with her voice. She had never asked us anything before, and now that she needs our help we are ready to do anything to show her our support Anything She is the heart and soul of five generations. She is Irans daughterwe cant stand any more oppression, injustice and domination on her, as we truly believe she had enough of them during her thorny tough life.

You perfectly know that she doesnt have any problem with your well-known company. As she clearly mentioned in her interview she is ready to continue working with your company as long as Mr. Alireza Amirghasemi and Mr. Masoud Jamali are out of the loop. These two impostors who are amongst the most disreputable Iranians inside the United States tried their best to benefit from her in all the ways possible and unluckily they have successfully done so in the past 4 years. But Googoosh now decided firmly to stand against them and stop this injustice. We proclaim our support to this important and heroic decision of her and ask your respectful company to stop working with Mr. Amirghasemi and Mr. Jamali and let our diva sing for us again. We truly HATE them and dont want to see them involve with our Diva, Googoosh, anymore. This strong hatred is not just because of what theyve done to Googoosh and how they abused her trust and fill their pockets, but its also because they are agents of Islamic Republic of Iran according to existing documents and are known as traitors nationwide. They are being supported financially by the Islamic Republic government and are acting as mediators forcing artists in exile to sign unfair contracts with them either to organize their concerts or producing their albums or any kind of lucrative job, without paying them properly. No one dares to complain because these filthy men have threatened them not to breathe a word. This is an obvious act of fraudulence.

Moreover, they show no respect to their homeland and their compatriots because simply they dont care for anyone or anything when the money talks. Even on the recent crucial issue of Persian Gulf name which had been mistakenly changed to Arabian Gulf by National Geography company in their 2005 World Atlas, while all the Iranian nation were furious and agitated by this action and all together were criticizing and condemning it (which ended up in their apology and rectifying the name) these men were busy working with the real state companies based in United Arab Emirates who are using the name of Arabian Gulf in all their advertisements and with utmost impudence encouraging Iranians to buy properties with beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf! This was a huge and unbearable sign of their affront towards peoples patriotic feelings and one more time showed their true vicious inner side. All they see is M$O$N$E$Y. and nothing else. WE HATE THEM.

One more time we ask you to stop working with these two men and hereby we announce that despite our strong and eternal love for Googoosh, in case your company compels her to work with Mr. Alireza Amirghasemi and Mr. Masoud Jamali by the force of law or by any other means, we wont support her future concerts and avoid buying the tickets.

We Dont Want Our Diva Work With Traitors Anymore!!!!!

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