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Practices of euthanasia and PAS (Physician assisted suicide) could have benefited the families that struggle to save their loved ones, the entire medical community and the ones who lay terminally ill.

While only the patent can op to go down the path of euthanasia, very few can actually be taken seriously. Only when all required guidelines are reached can a terminally ill become a candidate for euthanasia, these guidelines would entail that the ill be suffering from a terminal illness, and can only survive with the support of a caretaker or machine. Also the patent would unlike see the cure of their illness during the course of their lifetime. Furthering these guidelines the terminally ill must have an enduring, voluntary and competent wish to die, or has expressed their wish under a coherent mind, but most importantly euthanasia could only be an option if the patent can not comment suicide themselves. To deny anyone of their right to control their own lives borders immorality. In the case of victims in a persistent vegetative state the sole discussion should be placed entirely on the patents closest loved one.

The central argument for euthanasia centers on the respect one demands in their final days of life. One should be allowed to choose which path they wish to take in accordance to they own moral and spiritual values. Advocates for their own euthanasia generally do not fear death; they merely fear the future they will face in great pain and suffering, ideas such as these center around stories with victims that have expressed an explicit will to die yet can not find anyone who would be willing to break the laws in place barring these patents from controlling their own lives. While many find it hard to believe that euthanasia would ever come to use, even if euthanasia became legal. Other advocates claim that it would be contradictive of the legal system to allow the "mercy killing" of human life. Although that argument in itself is contradictive, as our entire basis of government built itself upon the idea of allowing anyone to live and control their own lives and destinies.

Euthanasia can relive the strain on all three if the dicing party if so wishes. Many opponents claim that these medications can often allow the terminally ill to enjoy the last moments of their lives without suffering from intolerable and overwhelming pain, as substantial palliative care and hospice care becomes readily available, thus making euthanasia, or easing a patents pain, unnecessary. True palliative care and hospice care often assist the suffering patient, any form of legal care falls short of a cure-all, due to the thousands of different treatments available the only true way to find the best palliative care is through trail and error, which equates to much more pain and suffering to the patent while still trying to relive that same pain and suffering that patent wished to avoid. Even when the patent receives the best and correct palliative care, the patent must go through the side effects. Very commonly these side effects can put the patent hi as much pain as their illness; common side effects include nausea, incontinence, loss of awareness because of semi-permanent drowsiness, and ect. Which reverses to the key argument of whether or not euthanasia should be legalized, for patents, whose life has grown painful and hopeless euthanasia should be allowed to alleviate her pain and suffer picking up where palliative care and hospice care left off.

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