The residents and concerned citizens of Southern Iredell County wish to convey important messages to the Town of Mooresville, the Mooresville Planning and Zoning Staff and the Town of Mooresville Board. Having no vote and not under the jurisdiction of the deciding board, the following petition is presented.

Though we generally support the development initiatives referred to as Langtree at the Lake as defined to the Planning and Zoning Dept on October 25 Master Plan, however THE FOLLOWING MODIFICATIONS MUST BE INCORPORATED IN THE PLANS:

1. Reduction of intensity by 50% - as measured by a comprehensive, completed and independent Traffic Impact Analysis.

2. Limit Building Heights to 5 stories (including one parking level) for Hotels and 3 stories (including one parking level) for residences.

3. Elimination of the boat storage facility which contributes to Health, Safety, Environmental and property value degradation in a residential cove

Proper due diligence is REQUIRED. No plan should be adopted until the Mount Mourne Small Area Plan, an independent Traffic Impact Analysis and a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment are completed and conclusive.

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Latest Signatures

  • 29 November 201067. Lawrence
  • 20 November 201066. Ned
    We have a lake house in the cove where the Langtree development is planned. Unless the restrictions as outlined in this petition are followed, there will be a significant reduction in residental value.
  • 18 November 201065. Roy
    As a longtime resident, living within 1/2 a mile from the proposed project and 300 yds across the water from the beautiful Davidson College Lake Campus, it is obvious that the boat traffic will be so heavy that it will severely impede their operation, as
  • 12 November 201064. Jessica
    My parents live in Carsons Place. I love to come to NC and visit and feel like they live in a quiet community on the lake in the country. With Langtree at the lake as huge as it will be planned, that feeling will no longer remain. People move into an ar
  • 08 November 201063. TL
  • 06 November 201062. Cari
    Please consider minimizing the developments for the integrity of our peaceful community.
  • 06 November 201061. Steve
  • 06 November 201060. Fred
  • 06 November 201059. Shayne
    Just wait for the Mooresville SAP and take a bit more time on this. It will affect so many of us for generations to come. Let's come up with a great plan now that already anticipates actual challenges, rather than just slap something up hoping that we'l
  • 06 November 201058. LINDA
    Look at exits 28 and 36. This will be worse. What is the plan for traffic? No way should anything happen here until a traffic study is done and the interchange is a COMPLETED project.
  • 06 November 201057. Patricia
    I moved to Mooresville 2yrs. ago from Va. because it was closer to work. But, I have now moved to Statesville even though it is further for me to drive. I moved to Statesville because the traffic congestion /wrecks which have increased tremendously over t
  • 06 November 201056. Renee
  • 06 November 201055. Michael
    I live on Langtree peninsula. The project fails to meet objective #4. "The project must blend in with the exosting surroundfings". A 12 story hotel does not. It should be reduced to the maximum floors defined by the Mount Mourne building guide.
  • 06 November 201054. Christy
  • 06 November 201053. Arthur
    Sometimes I wonder about those in office. Who are they working for?
  • 06 November 201052. Mark
  • 05 November 201051. Randy
  • 05 November 201050. Sarah
    We moved from Mecklenburg County just 2 years ago to get aware from irresposible growth. Dear Board Member, As a concerned citizen of southern Iredell County I am both encouraged and deeply concerned with the proposed Langtree at the Lake initiati
  • 05 November 201049. frances
    This development is so contrary to the nature of the neighborhood. Most residents moved here for the tranquility.A "local" is pursuring this - and although he has expressed an interest to benefit the residents, I fail to see how it will. Why is the gree
  • 04 November 201048. Victoria
    I hope the Mooresville Planning Board will have the foresight to maintain the integrity of our area and avoid further traffic congestion that is making our area less attractive. Reduction in size and scope will do this. Thank you.
  • 04 November 201047. Richard
    As a gateway to Southern Iredell County, the Langtree project will impact long-term impressions of Mooresville/North Carolina community values. Shortsightedness (and short-cutting)-- in the decision-making -- will create a negative, unceasing visual and u
  • 04 November 201046. Patrick
    The proposed development is simply a plan to entice public planners with tax revenue windfalls with little consideration the impact left on the residents of the area. Without the road infrastructure in place prior to development there will no doubt be a
  • 03 November 201045. John
    I have traffic concerns, safety concerns from traffic,cvoncerns about the property values and the overall degrading of lthe area due to the intensity and height of the project.
  • 03 November 201044. Louis
    Please stop this abomination! We don't need a 150 foot tower in our back yard. This is a bedroom community not downtown Charlotte!
  • 03 November 201043. Harlan
    The congestion is far too much for the town to handle.
  • 03 November 201042. Jimmy
    NO to Langtree Project!! Traffic is bad now on I-77 at exit 33, is sitting in more traffic making our life's better?
  • 03 November 201041. Jean
    The traffic gets worse every day with no end to building in site. It is out of hand. The politicians should follow what the community's desires are, not what one developer wants to do. And what is that developer's agenda - to make money and lots of it.

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