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The Lady Cougars Football Team protest of the Fall 2008 Championship game, played on 11/02/2008, between the Lady Cougars and the Badd Girls should be considered and heard by the Alexandria City Department of Recreation, Parks, & Cultural Activities and their Adult Sports Department.

The reason for our protest is as follows:

There were four officials who were responsible for refereeing this game. Of the four, one was the Official Timekeeper for the entire game, as well as the Head Official. According to this official, it was third down and goal, there were nine seconds left in the football game and the Badd Girls had possession of the ball. As stated in the rules, the clock was to re-start on the snap of the ball. The offensive line set and the ball was snapped; the quarterback caught the ball from the shotgun position; she scrambled; she threw the ball approximately 10 yards or so; the receiver caught the ball; the cornerback missed the flag; the receiver took several steps and went out of bounds. The offensive and defensive lines started to scramble back to the line of scrimmage when the Official Timekeeper blew his whistle and signaled the end of the ball game. The Lady Cougars responded by asking the official (Timekeeper/Head Official) if this was in deed the end of the game and he reiterated by blowing his whistle once again to signal the ball game and replied, Yes, the game is over. At this time, the Lady Cougars, along with several supporters, ran onto the field and began rejoicing in victory as everyone had heard the Official Timekeeper say that the game was over. As the Official Timekeeper and one of the Line Judges proceeded to leave the field, a fourth official, the Line Judge on the Badd Girls sideline, came on the field and started waiving his hands. His actions appeared to be a reaction to pressure from the Badd Girls sideline. He approached the Official Timekeeper and stated that the receiver stepped out of bounds and that there should be time left on the clock. The Official Timekeeper (Head Official) then showed him his stopwatch and explained that time had expired and the game was over. They continued to argue a bit more and two seconds were put back on the clock.

On what basis could this decision have been made? The Official Timekeeper told the Line Judge there was no time left on the clock. The stopwatch read 0:00. The Head Official was the only timekeeper on the field and there was no display time clock that could be used for back up purposes. How could a Line Judge be allowed to override the decision made by the Official Timekeeper/Head Official? I know that flag football and professional football have different rules but there is something that occurs in professional football that should crossover to flag: There must be irrefutable evidence to overturn a call that has made on the field. How could it be determined how much time, if any, would have been left on the clock when the receiver stepped out of bounds? In addition, once the game has been called can it be re-started on anything other than a penalty without irrefutable evidence? In this case, there was no such evidence. As a result of this questionable decision-making, the Badd Girls were allowed one more play resulting in a field goal, thus making the score 14 to 13 in their favor. In previous games, once a call has been made by an official, it has never been overturned. So, why in this case, was this particular call overturned during a Championship game?

Our football team came out every Sunday and played hard to get to this Championship game. We earned the right to be there and we gave our all, only to have our victory stripped away by a decision made by an official after the game was declared over. Every team in this league expects and deserves a fair chance at winning. Unfortunately for the Lady Cougars, this did not happen. You have the power to right an egregious wrong and I hope you look into this matter and render the decision that should have been made on the field: The Lady Cougars are the Champions.

Ernest Kinard
Lady Cougars Football Team

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