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IT means Information Technology, Knowledge and Information must flow from all directions like the air from windows. Only then can the doors of opportunities open in all directions.

Else we might have to suffocate within the stale air coming from one direction.

Govt. of Kerala has made mockery of Information technology because of its Technological Myopia. It has issued orders that make it mandatory for all schools to teach only Open Source Code Technology Namely Linux.

There so called claim that Govt wants to save money is as false as their technological viewpoint. We are not against the free source code but what we want is co existence and right to learn all technologies.

Tax payers money must be used for their children education and not on maintaining the lavish lifestyle of our politicians.

In 1960s when first communist Govt won assembly election in Kerala many Governments across the world advised Mr. Nehru to declare their election as null and void else communists would overtake the democratic fabric of country and we might be plunged into some kind of civil war like in Korea, Vietnam etc.

But the foresightedness of Mr. Nehru decided to continue with Communist and Non- Communists Govts alongside in India because we Indians believe in coexistence not monopoly.

Coexistence of varied Thoughts and Actions have been the strongest pillar of Indian society .Coexistence not only in political, social, or religious matters but also w.r.t Technology. We have six schools of philosophy then why cant we have two schools of Information technology in Kerala ..

The Talibanisation of Education and particularly Information technology would not only harm the best interests of learning (particularly students) but also the Industry. What seems to be free is not free because in long term our people will pay a lot when we will have dearth if skill sets in other technologies.

It is important for India to have both Monsoon winds and North westerly winds form Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal. Banning any one of them can have destructive effect on Environment. Similarly in IT world we need to learn and harness both open source code and other contemporary technologies like Microsoft etc.

Does the State Road transport buses run on free fuel from Coconuts? Why doesnt Govt of Kerala look for Free Oil economy ? Then we have full right to ask why only IT?

On What basis did the GOK introduced this Order? People need to know as to why their children should suffer because the politicians had technological myopia. By keeping other technologies like Microsoft out, it would deprive the students of what is most used in the rest of India. You cannot make an island out of Kerala.

Nothing comes free in this world and particularly education. Kerala is a role model for all other states in literacy campaigns. It achieved 100\% literacy rates long back but We have to see that this literacy transforms into acknowledged skills which can harness the real growth and development of state. We need free liberal society where all survive.

Please sign this petition so that GOK revokes its order and our future generations are able to learn all forms of IT rather than getting sealed into one chamber of domain. Please sign this petition if you feel your children have right to learn all forms of Information technology rather than single domain.

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