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дсиегйе мощзч рйсп ръйб бйшещмйн теог бфрй свйшд!!!

аре сиегрийн оегавйн езшгйн ферйн бжаъ млм доаойрйн лй дтйш йшещмйн ма йлемд мдъчййн бма ъшбеъ:

дсиегйе фъз аъ срйфе дйшещмой бщръ 1986 бщм ддбизд щрйърд ме мъойлд лмлмйъ омад тм йгй дчшп мйшещмйн. бодмк дщрйн дъземме оабчйн бревт мъойлд длмлмйъ бсиегйе щбсефн ръчбм ак ъчцйб ожтшй одтйшййд еъчцйб бмъй осфч оощшг дзйрек етег щдчшп мйшещмйн ощлд аъ ъойлъд бдгшвд.

рим дщлйшеъ рфм тм лъфй дсиегйе ащш фтм богйрйеъ щм "дйгеч звешд" тг моцб дбмъй афщшй бе деа роца лйен тм су свйшд бдтгш йлемъ мтоег бъщмеой щлш дгйшд едашрерд (щддчмеъ бъщмеод фсче) мма сйет ощотеъй, оощмъй етйшерй.

o дсиегйе одеед ъщъйъ ршзбъ мтщййд ъшбеъйъ бйшещмйн ебашх лемд. бевшй дсиегйе мгешеъйе азшайн мойжойн ъшбеъййн зщебйн ебмтгййн бтйш

o дсрйу дйшещмой щм рйсп ръйб дйре бйъ сфш ййзегй мощзч бащш оъайн аъ тцое маефййд щм тйшре: очен доафщш фмешмйжн боебп дтоеч бйеъш щм доймд. бсиегйе меогйн сиегрийн ошчтйн еовжшйн щерйн еовеерйн едсиегйе одеед тевп мйецшйн дцтйшйн щшецйн мдйщаш бтйш.

тмйре мдбйп лй длеерд мсвеш аъ дсиегйе мощзч одеед змч оъдмйк вгем йеъш щм еейъеш тм дъшбеъ бтйш! догебш боабч цйбешй мотп тъйг йшещмйн бйшъ йщшам.

лъбеъ бтрййп:

дщбет ъъчййн дфврд, ръшад щн!

The Nisan Nativ Acting Studio in Jerusalem is about to close!

We, the concerned students, call on everyone who believes that Jerusalem cannot function without culture.

The Nisan Nativ Acting Studio opened its Jerusalem branch in 1986 after it had been promised funding by the Jerusalem Foundation. During the years of its existence there have been conflicts concerning the financial support for the studio which resulted in it receiving a minuscule budget from the municipality and insufficient funds for its needs from the Ministry of Education. In addition, the Jerusalem Foundation has gradually withdrawn its support.

The studio, which is the ONLY acting school in Jerusalem and an important source of culture, well-suited to the citys pluralistic atmosphere, is in danger of imminent closure.

* The Municipality of Jerusalem, which is in charge of the citys culture budget, does not support the studio, even though it has promised to take care of arts and culture in Jerusalem and ignores the Culture in Jerusalem act, which, had it been carried out, would have established a committee that would, long ago have resolved the financial troubles of the studio, and so expanded the scope of culture in the city.

* the Arnona (property tax) discount that the studio once received, it being a non-profit making organization, was revoked with no explanation, and now the studio is being forced to, retroactively, pay the high sum of 450,000 NIS. A sum that the studio cannot possibly afford, to pay and which represents nothing short of a death blow.

* The yearly Arnona payment is about 3 times (!) the sum given by the Jerusalem Municipality in support of the studio.

The burden of paying the lease has landed squarely on the studios slim shoulders, since that has operated for years along the Tightening of the Belt guidelines. Now the studio has reached the impossible impasse of not being able to afford the rent and Arnona without substantial governmental and municipal support.

The intent that is leading to the shut down of the studio is part of a much larger, dismissive attitude towards all forms of art in Jerusalem! This is a fight, not just for the Nisan Nativ Acting Studios survival, but for the very existence of Art and Culture in Israels capital city.

We, the signatories of this petition, demand that the Jerusalem Municipality take whatever steps possible to ensure Jerusalems cultural future for the benefit of her citizens of all ages and walks of life and to stop the drain of its young people away from the city in search of a richer cultural life elsewhere.!

We beg you to stop the closing of the Studio!

азшай тцеод езеош байришри- щй счйба [email protected]

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