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Recently it has come to my attention that a petition has been organized to try and encourage the band 'Fall Out Boy' to play in Adelaide.

To these people, I say NO. Fall Out are a hopeless band with very little to no real musical ability. The music is terrible, and the fans are almost as bad. But why re-invent the wheel? I shall share with you instead some of the excellent reviews of the band taken from

The name is derived from the television show, The Simpsons, Fallout Boy is the young sidekick to the Superhero, Radioactive Man. Like Robin is to Batman.

The band Fall Out Boy is currently(2005-06) very popular. However, they give what is quite possibly the worst live performance of any major record label band currently out.

The guitarist and bassist insist on being in constant motion while on stage, including jumping in 360's, getting on top of amps, and jumping off of stage platforms, even though they are physically incapable of continuing to play correctly while doing so. The lead singer/second guitarist can neither sing, nor play guitar well, much less perform both tasks at the same time. This produces a stage sound and presence which is highly unnatractive, and very unpleasant to the ear.

Their songs are pop-driven, somewhat simple, yet varied, and feature many catch phrases that will be branded all over your friends' AIM profiles and Myspaces for the next few months.

"Drop a heart, break a name"

"I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in this song"

"Sugar, we're going down"

"We'r always siffee ee eida sefehh fodah roongg teeee"

As the last quote demonstrates, most of their lyrics, even on the studio tracks, are indiscernible to the common person's ear. But not the 8th and 9th grade girls. They can mysteriously hear all of the lyrics and find great, deep meanings in them.
By: Rockbutnotroll californication Mar 11, 2006
5. Fall Out Boy 391 up, 337 down
1. noun: band of tossers; horrible vocals to horrible 'music' provided by lead singer who constantly sounds like he is nursing a very bad cold and thus cannot be understood by many (except perhaps those in the masses who don't care because OMG LYK FALL OUT BOY TOTALLY ROCKZZZZ!!!11111ONEONE)
By: dissused here Apr 3, 2006
A (now) mainstream four-piece band categorized as pop punk, pop rock, emo, or combinations of the three. Known for their nasal vocalist, simplistic guitar riffs, basslines consisting of no more than four notes which cannot even be successfully played at a live show, and "poetic" lyrics such as "WE'RE GOIN" DOWN, DOWN, ENALURBLYURAAHLL..." , it's no surprise that Fall Out Boy is one of the most popular rock acts today, particularly among 14-21 year old females and males confused about their orientation.

Fall Out Boy differs from similar bands in that their bassist acts as (or tries to act as) the frontman of the group, without singing or adequately playing his instrument. Though he ranks as the least talented member of the band, Pete Wentz garners most of the group's media attention, being the only 6 while surrounded by 3's and 4's. Pete also writes the "brilliant lyrics" indecipherably crooned by singer Patrick Stump. In an attempt to appear quirky and clever, titles of Fall Out Boy songs are usually a sentence long. The exposure of Wentz' genitalia is irrelevent and was likely brought to the media forefront by the band itself as a failed publicity stunt.

Taking note of the band's lack of... everything, it is a mystery how Fall Out Boy is successfully marketed. There are no timeless hooks, no particularly attractive band members to get the teenyboppers riled up, nothing instrumentally impressive or innovative, and nothing that hasn't been done before several times (and with less ego) by Blink 182 or even Simple Plan. The success of Fall Out Boy remains an enigma, as well as a trademark of the tastelessness of teenage youth and anyone who refers to themself as emo.
Fall Out Boy is MySpace on the radio.
By: Chernorizets Hrabr ... Aug 11, 2006
For these reasons and so many more, let's keep them out of Adelaide. STAY AWAY.

Citizens of Adelaide, unite!

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