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Death Row inmates currently housed in Mansfield Correctional Institution are to be moved to Youngstown Super Maximum Security Prison.

We are told this has nothing to do with the attempted escape of two death row inmates or any other matter but rather that it has been discussed before.

If this is true, then why did the Dept of Correction begin to adapt the visiting area of death row for contact visits for the first time? In fact these very visits where approved to begin on 14th February and where cancelled just before they where due to begin.
Why where all the phones on death row updated and repaired?

We oppose this move to Youngstown for several reasons.

This below is a definition of what Youngstown is "meant" to be used for.

"The OSP facility mission is to protect Ohios citizens, employees, and inmates by confining those inmates who pose a threat to staff, other inmates, or institutional security in a controlled setting that is conductive to self-improvement."

So Suddenly everyone on death row is a threat to other inmates and staff? No staff or inmates have been attacked.

To keep a Death Row inmate at Mansfield it costs $57.73 per inmate daily.
The annual cost per inmate is $21,072.25
At Youngstown the cost daily is $157.67
The annual cost is $57,549.20

Multiply the difference by 200 inmates and this is a huge amount of money.

Apart from the unfairness of this move, and the cost financially to already burdened tax payers, there are other considerations to be thought of. Mansfield Town has many residents who work at the prison, and these guards would also be made unemployed. This would have a huge effect on the economy in Mansfield. This would have a terrible effect on local families.

Opened in 1998, the Supermax is designed for 502 prisoners who spend
most of the day alone in cells with solid doors. The lights are never
shut off, and amenities are scarce.

Yet they are being held at a facility where it costs $157 per day to
house a prisoner, vs. $57 per day at a typical medium-security
facility such as Mansfield.

A federal district court in Akron ruled in 2002 that the standards were "arbitrary" and noted that many prisoners were sent to the supermax merely because Ohio built such a large supermaximum security prison well beyond its needs.

Once moved to Youngstown, inmates are in a 6 week "adjustment" period which means no visits for them. Some inmates are nearing the end of their appeals and may not have this 6 weeks left.

Mayor Does Not Support Possible Move Of Death Row

"The possible move of death row from Mansfield to Youngstown would
greatly impact the local economy. It could cause the loss of 100 jobs
and several million dollars in income. Mansfield Mayor Lydia Reid
says the city will do everything in its power to prevent the move.
Reid says the city of Mansfield has always supported the prison. She
says death row employs 100 people who make an estimated $16.00 an
hour and losing the jobs would deal a major economic blow. Reid says
the idea to move death row has been considered by prison officials
for sometime and has nothing to do with the recent escape attempt of
two death row inmates on February 3. Reid says she will send a letter
to the Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and
Correction Reginald Wilkenson stating that the city opposes any
decision to move death row from Mansfield. She is also encouraging
the community to start a grass roots campaign to keep those jobs in

This move affects so many different people for very different reasons.

It is unfair on everyone involved. There are excellent reasons to oppose this move, even if you do not care what actually happens to Death Row inmates.
The financial burden would be placed on Ohio's tax payers and that is unfair too.

Death Row is probably the safest place in the prison to work and be in.
We realise two people attempted an escape but it was an attempt and was stopped. There is no need to move these inmates to another prison.

As of Feb. 5, there were 465 inmates in the 240-acre prison with a total security staff of 251.
This prison is meant to house 502 inmates. not 665 as it would be if this move happens.

So there are many reasons to oppose this move. Whatever yours are please sign the petition and let the Department of Corrections know your views.

Please also write and lodge your objections to Reginald Wilkinson Director of Corrections and Terry Collins at the address below.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
1050 Freeway Drive North
Columbus, Ohio 43229

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