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Words from Adil:

My days in Canada are numbered. After amassing 6 years of educational fees, and all the other costs that are privy to an international education, I am being officially booted out of this fine, supposedly refugee-friendly North American nation.

Such was reflected during my quest for employment and that much sought after Canadian Work Permit. Apparently, receiving a job offer is not the only thing that is required in obtaining a work permit. A foreign national in Canada must garner a staunch if not un-daunting sponsorship from her/his potential employer; warranting a complete government inspection of the potential employers legal business records. Aside from that, the easiest way to get a work permit is by applying as a student from a government recognized post-secondary educational institution.

I spent the first 4 years of my music education at York University (an institution that WAS recognized under the aforementioned criteria), and upon that, decided to continue my studies at the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) for Sound Engineering. This was a career-oriented decision, as I felt a degree in Jazz Performance may not have been the most adequate qualifications for a Full-Time job; a necessary requirement in obtaining a Working Visa. I felt that an augmentation of my skills would without a doubt, aid in my eventual search for a full-time position. Unfortunately, I was unaware that this glossily packaged prospect of a career-oriented-education was NOT incumbent to the one Canadian work permit program that allowed international students an opportunity to work upon graduation.

Heres the scenario: I graduated from IADT, became an intern at a company for a month, and received a job offer (with much elation and relief), only to find in the process of application that my most recent college of graduation made my eligibility for a work permit null and void!!!

But what of York University- was it not a recognized institution, you ask?
Well, such is the harshness of technicalities in that the Post-graduation Work Permit Program is only valid within 90 days upon graduation. Granted, I immediately enrolled in IADT upon my convocation, but I had already been studying in this new, void college for 15 months, and if university taught me anything, thats way over 90 days, man!

So, such is the predicament of my situation. My extremely gracious parents had funded 6 years worth of education incumbent to international fees on top of that, only to have their son flung back at them due to minuscule technicalities.

Never mind the fact that through my parents monetary support I have contributed bountifully to Canadas economy (thats a total of $75 000 in school fees alone + taxes), never mind the fact that Ive spent most of my formative adult years in Canada, never mind the fact that Ive fostered some my closest personal relationships and creative networks (musically and artistically) with Canadians (at least 90\% of my closest friends are Canadian citizens), never mind the fact that both my parents have held working visas, each of whom were employed for 1-year contracts by the University of Toronto, never mind the fact that all I wanted after 6 years of education in Canada was to work legally for ONE singular year, thereby reaping the full benefit of my Canadian education

Granted, Im not a refugee claiming political asylum, fleeing from human rights abuses, discrimination, poverty or famine. If anything, please let them through before myself on any day of the week. I am more so interested in highlighting the misconception that a lot of Canadians have of their Immigration system.

There has always been high praise of the diversity, liberalism and inclusivity of Canadas immigration policy. The problem is that the over-emphasis of the (supposed) positive aspects of Canadian immigration deludes us from the fact that dozens of potential immigrants with extremely valid refugee claims (obviously more deserving cases than mine) are being rejected everyday.

If a seemingly insignificant technicality could affect a (gratefully) privileged individual like myself in such a drastic way (clearly, I have to rethink the direction of my career and start from afresh in an ironically unfamiliar country - my own home), what of those who are in true dire need of asylum?

My conclusions:
International Students- By no means should this be a deterrent to Canadas educational system. Just be extremely wary of private colleges that promise quick (but expensive) career-oriented education. They do not have adequate support systems to inform international students of the rights or the federal laws that may make or break your future in Canada. On top of that, they are for-profit organizations- there is simply no incentive for such an institution to inform international students that they cannot legally work in Canada upon graduation!

Canadians- Be wary of your countrys immigration policies so as to not proclaim praise until you have seen its faults. Be critical in every aspect of your governance and make yourselves heard. I believe a concerned and constructively critical public has the power to transform Canada into what it claims to be: a truly great, liberal, inclusive, accepting and diverse nation. My friends in Canada have shown me the warmth and strength of their countrys spirit, but it is unfortunate that their qualities are not being represented by their countrys federal policies.

In All Frustration, Anger, Determination and Sincerity,

Adil (Dilla aka Dill Pickle aka Dillbotron aka Bobo) Johan

The term balik kampung is Malay for returning home for the village. In a Malaysian context, it is commonly used for urbanites (and I guess, international students alike) who return to the villages of their family; symbolizing a spiritual return to ones roots.


We The Undersigned, demand that you keep this greatly talented person in Canada. Adil Johan may not have been born in this country but he has made great contributions to it both economically and and spiritually. He has amassed a great number of friends and contacts here and has worked diligently to further his education here so that me may in turn give back to our great nation through his work and his music.

Adil Johan is of the utmost importantce to us. In the words of Justin Shiels, a close friend to Adil, "Canada does not know what they are losing or throwing away by deporting Adil. Not only is he an innovative and musical genius, but he is purer in heart than most and has made an incredible impact on so many lives in this country.

We demand Adil stay in Canada. He will to work, he will give back to this country that has helped him so much so far. He ALREADY HAS A JOB OFFER IN HIS FIELD! He NEEDS to stay in Canada.

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    i dont live in Canada, but i vote him to stay
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    Adil is a perfect example of what a CANADIAN should be!
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    Life will not be the same without you bro!
  • 12 September 2015281. Jack C
    I feel ya man. I am also an international student. During all my years here (10) I've learned something and that's there are some pretty stupid people working in government. In additional, some of the laws and protocols are outright things of past. We nee
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