This is a petition we are trying to get EVERYONE to sign. We will be forwarding it to Jive Records, care of Clive Davis, as well as Wright Entertainment Group, care of Johhny Wright; MTV, VH1, Top of the Pops,, the Today Show, Good Morning America,, and many others, just to name a few. If you have an ezine or a fansite please feel free to post this at your leisure. We want to get at least 500-1000 signatures before we forward this on, and we know that if we all ban together and stand strong regarding this issue, we might actually get Justin to either change his mind, or at least let Jive know how much money they will be missing out on by not persuing this further. Pass this on and then please feel free to email it back to me at any given time. I will be sending out a notice to everyone who participates, on all the feedback we receive, and I will be letting people know when we have reached our goal of 1,000 signatures. We thank you again for your time regarding this issue.

Your Nsync Fans,
Allie and Callie

To Whom It May Concern;

We are writing in regards to certain statements made by your client/Jive recording artist, Justin Timberlake in 2003 and 2004. We have just become aware that Mr. Timberlake feels as though he "wants nothing to do" with the next anticipated NSYNC record, or other group activities. We are also aware that NSYNC's contract calls for three record releases and that they have only completed two of the three. Although it would be in Mr. Timberlakes best interest to complete his current contract and obligation to not only to Jive Records, but his to fans as well, he seems to be choosing not to.

In that vein of dishonesty and unreliability Mr. Timberlake has also spoken out against the previous NSYNC records, casting a sour light on his own record label and the band with which he first entered into the Jive family.

Along with these comments, Mr. Timberlake went on to alienate consumers by stating that their taste in music was substandard and fickle. With his newfound popularity and influence, this was a poor choice, seeing as his trendsetting words and actions tend to influence those who purchase both his records and the records of NSYNC. Not to mention the other artists on the label that have the same fan base that may also be losing money due to his thoughtless comments.

Mr. Timberlake's run-in with the FCC for being the mecca of an act of indecent exposure (wardrobe malfunction) on a prime-time sports event has caused a ripple effect. This effect directly stilted the promotion and furthering of JC Chasez, a member of his former band NSYNC and newcomer to the Jive solo scene. With the FCC on high alert, Mr. Chasez was eliminated from performing before his largest audience in his solo career. There is no doubt in our minds that his performance would have boosted Schizophrenic record sales and radio requests. Once more, Mr. Timberlakes lack of thought caused detriment to the Jive label and the artists thereon.

We, as religious consumers of Jive Records products, find Mr. Timberlakes actions and comments disrespectful to our longtime loyalty and feel that if they continue, financial and career consequences will result. To save the integrity of the artists and the music on the Jive record label we suggest that such negative promotion for the Jive artists desist before irreparable damage is done to the bridges that Jive has tried so hard to build.

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