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We, the undersigned are appalled by the German governments treatment of the ethnic minority of Sorbs that reside in the german states of Brandenburg and Saxony.

The current eradication of the Sorbian culture and language is absolutely unacceptable and is nothing more than a continuation of assimilation policies that has been targeting the Sorbians for hundreds of years, possibly a thousand years.

Although Germany has signed and ratified multiple treaties that ensures both human and minority rights, including ECRML(European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages) in 1998, FCNM(Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities) in 1995, OSCE(Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) in 1973 in which Germany is one of the founding nations, as well as the Council of Europe, ICCPR(International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights), UN declarations and more, it has not upheld Sorbian rights.

The Germanization of Lusatia and its ethnic slavic population called the Sorbs is a repetetive chapter in the history of Germany dating back to as far as 933, when the German tribes of Saxon Ostmark led conquests against the Sorbian community. During World War 2, the Nazi regime of Germany denied the existance of the Sorbian minority and claimed that the group had to be assimilated into mainstream German culture. While the current government of Germany, led by Angela Merkel has not stated so, it is obvious that the current assimilation of the Sorbs is nothing but a masked continuation of the policies that existed under the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, which considered the Slavic peoples as sub-humans.

The German government has gone out of the way to secure the minority rights of newly arrived people from Turkey and so-called ethnic German "Aussiedler" population from Russia, Poland and other Eastern European states, but the story of the Sorbs and their native land Lusatia, has been kept silenced by the same people. Europeans today, including Germans have not even heard of Lusatia and the Sorbs. Now is the time to speak up. The German government must protect and promote Sorbian identity and culture in the Sorbian regions, and if Germany cannot provide this, then independence can be the only way to go. If you can regognize the state of Kosovo as independent, then the same should be applied to Sorbs. The Sorbian language today is endangered and is threatened by extinction in only a few generations if the current policies remain the way they are. Today only 50,000 people speak Sorbian, and all Sorbs are today billingual, often speaking German as their first language.

We urge the German government to take a stand and help the Sorbs. The Sorbs are a voulnerable group, as it has no country to represent them, the way for instance ethnic Danes in Germany have(Denmark). Germany has taken tremendous steps to distance itself from its shady past, but this is one of the few areas left where no such thing has been done, and should be done for the sake of both Sorbs and Germans. Follow the example of Norway and the Sami people.
Now is the time to speak up. The silence about the Sorbs' painful past and current has been a secret kept too long.

The annual amount of money that Sorbian institutions recieve, is according to multiple sources lower than that of a German theatre! This is simply not acceptable!

Justice and equality for the Sorbs and Lusatia!

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