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We are asking the Governor of Texas and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to fully investigate the 1990 arsenic murder of Jerry Sternadel.

In 1990, Jerry Sternadel fell seriously ill from high lethal levels of arsenic. The arsenic poison was given to him over a long period of time. As he was wheeled into the emergency room on his third trip to the hospital, he told the attendants he thought his bookkeeper and wife were trying to kill him. He told anyone who would listen in the hospital that his bookkeeper and wife had stolen money from him and were now killing him. He died in the hospital several days later. An autopsy revealed he had ingested extremely high lethal levels of arsenic. His death certificate affirmed that Jerry was given arsenic over a period of time until lethal levels finally killed him.

When a bottle of the arsenic poison was found in a storage locker the bookkeeper had rented, she was arrested and charged with murder.

At the 1994 trial, the prosecutor painted a picture of a hate triangle and a love triangle. Jerry hated his wife and wanted to divorce her. The bookkeeper hated her boss, but loved his money. Jerry's wife loved her lavish lifestyle and hated the thought of losing it. The prosecutions theory was that the bookkeeper helped to kill Jerry so he wouldnt divorce his wife and so he couldnt have the bookkeeper arrested for embezzlement.
During the many hours of testimony at the murder trial of the bookkeeper, one person remained conspicuous by her absence. The wife of the man who was murdered, was nowhere to be seen at the trial. The widow did not attend one day of the murder trial. The prosecutor was obvious in his theory that the wife and bookkeeper were confederates in a conspiracy to murder Jerry Sternadel for his money. The jury found the bookkeeper guilty, but, perhaps because of the widows absence, perhaps because of a shaky motive, perhaps because the wife and bookkeeper should both be on trial. The jury sentenced the bookkeeper to 10 years probation and fined her $10,000. Even though the jury showed mercy to the bookkeeper, she did not appreciate their leniency. For eight years, she broke the rules of her probation and scoffed at the criminal justice system. In 2002, the prosecutor had her probation for murder revoked. The bookkeeper exhausted many appeals in her effort to stay out of prison. But in 2003, she was sent to prison for the murder of Jerry Sternadel.

There is still a mystery surrounding the murder. Despite her husbands dying declaration testimony and the obvious motive, the wife was never charged or brought to trial.

Surely the bookkeeper being sent to prison will not mark the end of efforts to unravel the mystery of the arsenic murder of Jerry Sternadel.

There is no time limit on murder. We are asking the Governor of Texas and the rightful state authorities to consider any and all means to further this case and bring justice to a 49 year old man who died slowly and suffered severe pain and in a horrible fashion from the arsenic poison fed to him by the people who pretended to be his caregivers. The motive was "old-fashioned greed".

We are asking for justice and closure for the family and friends of Jerry Sternadel.

Thank you.

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    Do Not Release this Murderer Address, Zip Code Need to Prosecute Lou Ann Sternadel Miller
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    I hope everybody involved in this heinous murder is brought to justice. Address, Zip Code Wichita Falls, Texas
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  • 27 September 2014140. Jeff A
    why wasn't this black widow tried with this bookeeper as well?
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    Please visit our site at: www.americaswrongfullyconvicted.com If we can help, let us know Address, Zip Code 77083
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  • 30 September 2013133. Keith Lw
    It seems as if justice has not been done. Address, Zip Code 860 Bob White Rd., Tuttle OK 73089
  • 16 August 2013132. Lois E
    This is awful Address, Zip Code 1311 King 79252
  • 16 June 2013131. Jesse W
    Justice needs to be served on this heartbreaking case.
  • 11 June 2013130. Sandra Ksternadelb
    The wife should be charged and should not have access to Jerry's money or property. Address, Zip Code 305 east 8th Allen Ks. 66833
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