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To his Excellency Meles Zenawi, the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia:

Dear PM, We are writing this petition and appealing to your Excellency due to dire situations that exists in the Harari Region. For a long time the regional administrators composed of HNL and OPDO failed to carry out their constitutional responsibilities toward law abiding and respecting citizens. Embezzlements of public funds, robbing public lands, out of control corruptions, arresting and holding people without trials, firing government employees for political reasons, unjust causes and the total lack of justice and extreme oppressions devastated the people of Hararis. Peaceful, legal oppositions are banned, civic organizations denied permits to operate and no media of any kind tolerated and the most educated and productive force is chased out of the region. Dear PM, we are helpless and defenseless tolls and need your help urgently. We carried these kinds of injustices and shames for so long and now it reaches to the point of total abyss. For more than fifteen years, the Harari region is ruled by irresponsible, unaccountable and tyrant regimes.

Because of the complete absence of rule of law, justice, fairness and equity, our region become the land of outlaws, injustice, criminals, whereby the innocent and defenseless cannot find good government, peace, justice and denied basic amenities. Attacked, hammered and threatened from all sides, the sprits and the souls of Harari people challenged, tested, wrecked and severely damaged and now forced to appeal to you to help us defend and restore justice and fairness. We are very weak, helpless, poor and defenseless people with insurmountable problems and obstacles. We cannot restore justice and regain constitutional orders and good governance without direct assistance and resources of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Dear PM, on April 13, 2011, Mr. Hashim Idris shot mafia style in the center of the city and in front of police station and died on April 15, 2011 because of serious injuries to his brain. Prior to his assassination, the killers came to his office and attacked and threaten to kill him if he refused to comply with their corrupt demands. Dear PM, Mr. Hashim died fighting corruptions and embezzlements and defending the laws of the country. He could have never assassinated if he was corrupt and sold the interests and public properties for bribes like others. He was killed for performing public and government duties with honesty, dignity and enforcing the laws of the land by refusing to surrender to rent seekers and saboteurs. We should never allow criminals and individuals who sabotage national economy and public assets to kill and silence decent and hard working civil servants.

We are deeply touched, saddened and strongly condemn these kinds of heinous crimes against efficient, honest and law enforcing government workers. We are more so damaged by the repressions, total negligence, conspiracies and absence of any kind of resemblance of government in Harari region and complete failures of public order and duties. Our people do not trust and lost confidence on the Harari regime. Particularly, dear PM, we urge you and kindly request you that justice to be served in this tragic criminal matter swiftly and without prejudice. We kindly request this criminal case to be transferred to federal jurisdictions. We strongly believe that the Harari regimes are part of the crimes and justice can only be served if this case is handled on the federal level. The present Harari regime has no capacity, ability, fairness and equity and we believe they are part of the problems and cannot deliver the right justice to the victims and the people. We also request humbly the Federal government to setup special persecutors and investigation commission to examine the state of affair of the Harari regimes. Dear PM, only the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia can deliver justice to the people of Hararis at this time as the present local state institutions are failed completely.

Dear PM, we trust and count on you and your government to listen for the cries of our people and readdress the lack of justice and restore constitutional orders in the Harari region.


On behalf of Harari Diasporas
April 17, 2011

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