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To: The Honorable Michael F. Easley, governor of North Carolina

We the undersigned do respectfully, request that Governor Michael F. Easley. Take time from your busy schedule, to review the violent death of Brian Addison. We ask that you assign this case to another agency. For a thorough investigation. Brian was killed 09/01/03. At his home in Lincoln County NC. He was killed with what police said was his 9 mm. Ruger. They made that decision because they found a 9mm. ruger a few feet from the body. The weapon had blood on it. The weapon was not fingerprinted or was any ballistic test performed. The Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. answered the call. Sgt. Summers wrote the initial report. He stated the case was under further investigation. Medical Examiner Dr. Seth Bailey was on the scene. He marked manner of death as pending. The report was reviewed at OCME on 10/14/03. The manner of death was changed to suicide, with no information from an investigation. Someone from The Sheriff dept. requested an autopsy. Dr. Bailey ordered the autopsy, autopsy was performed at Baptist Medical Center. Autopsy report stated no chipped teeth. Stated entry wound in back of throat with surrounding soot. Autopsy did not contribute any more to manner of death. We have been told by investigators, there was powder burns on back of throat. Which would have meant the 9mm. Was in his mouth. Ballistic experts tell us that is impossible. One investigator said there was powder burns on his lips. The autopsy report does not mention contact shot or powder burns. Funeral director said the only thing he had to repair, was a bruise on his cheek. That has never been mentioned by investigators. Powder burns would not wipe off.
After the incident report was written. The only other thing that was done was. Brians wifes statement was taken 10 days after he was killed. This was after the garage had been cleaned, the day he was killed. The inside of the house was completely painted, inside. Some one at The Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. decided it would not be investigated. Before the autopsy report came back. We do not know the motive. We visited The Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. on 03/12/04. They said we saw all the file except scene photos. All that was in the file was. The autopsy report, the wifes statement, incident report, one paper we did not see, and some pc disc. Also there was 10 photos of Brians wife, Brian and her family. These photos had what we considered psychotic writing on them, with a black marker. Investigators considered these to be a suicide note. They were later proven to be written by another person. The same person that investigators took statements from., and used those statements to make their decisions. Investigators were not concerned with a suicide note being written by another. That must be normal in Lincoln County. Investigators were not concerned that, the scene they know at least if not all staged by another person. We have been told by investigators, that further investigation would take place. They told us when the report was ready they would contact us. It has been over a year since we were there the first time.
Six months and 12 days after Brian was killed. Investigators did not have the medical examiners report, or the death certificate. Apparently they did not know it had been ruled suicide. What we ask of you is to read is. http://www.JUSTICEFORBRIAN.EXCITEWEBPAGES.COM You will see that this was not properly handled.
Even though you put through a public records law. The Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. refuses to give us any more information. They say the case was closed 2 times. They wont tell us what evidence was used to close the case. They wont tell us what information they used to not investigate the case, before the autopsy report came back.
We were advised by an attorney to contact The District Attorney, We called Mr. William Young 2 times. Sent to him a certified letter, he has not responded.

It is clear that The Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. never intended to properly investigate this case. They still dont intend too. Neither will they give us a reason
Governor Easley, I appeal to you to use your influence, and give Brian a chance to .
tell his side of what happened, through the only way possible. A proper investigation. Give Brian a chance to either confirm or discount, the assumptions, and the statements of who was supposed to be the only witness. I hope someone who knows the truth will step up and get a load off their shoulders.
I CLINTON H. ADDISON SR. wrote this petition and take full responsibility for its content. I have no intention of criticizing any one or accusing any one of anything. I Just want Brians death to have the same consideration, as violent deaths in other parts of the state and nation. I have not found any reason why Brian should be the object of discrimination. For what ever reason. I am asking for the same thing as we ask for on the first trip to The Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. over a year ago, the truth. I see no reason for some one to choose Brians death. For the one that investigators would not follow the NC. Justice Academy guidelines for a suspected suicide investigation. FIND THE TRUTH

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