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Whether or not you personally call yourself a vampire or a witch or if you are only an interested individual does not matter. What does matter is the problem of a man calling himself Jonathon Sharkey, aka The Impaler. He is a charlatan of the lowest degree, a man who seeks to prey upon those who he perceives as weaker than he is. It is indeed difficult to pinpoint any actual facts about this individual as he changes personalities and aliases as easily as the rest of us breathe.

Jonathon Sharkeyby whatever name he hides behindis more than a simple fraud. He is a dangerous threat to the community, to people online and in the real world. He calls himself a Vampyre, a Satanist, and a Hecate Witch, but none of these are quite so offensive as the real label he has earnedsexist pig and sociopath.

Let me put before you Jonathons campaign platform. For me, its a little like if Barrack Obama and Ralph Nader went insane, but you be the judge. To say Jonathon has been running for President of the United States in 2008 is a polite fiction, even if he has created his own political party. I have copied everything directly from Jonathons own sites, which will account for spelling errors. As he himself had made all of this publicly available online, I feel it is my right to reprint it here.

1) BRINGING OUR SERVICE WOMEN and MEN HOME, from Iraq, Bosnia and all other hostile/combat area's of the world.

2) PRESCRIPTION CARE FOR ALL. If American pharmaceutical companies wish to make billions by
overcharging hard working Americans, I will allow (and encourage) Americans to buy their medications out of the country and/or overseas through the Internet.

3) A NEW AMERICAN ORDER OF OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM. Justice should be equal for all Americans, no matter if they're rich or poor. Every American, will receive fair, proper and Constitutionally Right justice and representation in every American Court of Law. No matter if it's criminal or civil, in a city, county, state or federal court. Additionally, Jonathon will form "The President's Council for American Justice." This council will consist of ACLU attorneys, Federal Judges and Law Professors that specialize in Constitutional Rights. Their goal, will be to make sure judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers, are held to the new code of conduct that Jonathon's Administration will introduce through this Act and "The Marion County Judges Act" (see #11).

4) THE ROBIN HOOD ACT. Taking from the rich, and giving to the poor! Previous Presidents, have allowed the rich to prosper (especially those who contributed greatly to their campaigns), and the poor to middle class, to make few to no gains in our society. It is time to end poverty in our great country. That is why my Administration will raise the minimum wage salary in America to an amount that will help minimum skilled workers, hence, lessening the need for people to collect welfare. Additionally,
special federal grants will be given to help develop advance learning centers for adults and to help under
privilege children, get the education they need, to make their dreams come true.

5) UNIONIZING AMERICA. United the American working men and women stand, divided by rich, selfish, greedy corporate America they fall and are abused. Only when American labor workers (in all fields) united, will they be treated with the respect and proper pay along with benefits they deserve. This will also include all city, county, state and federal employees. Hence, giving them the ability to "STRIKE" if they are being treated unfairly.

6) ELIMINATING THE 16th AMENDMENT (IRS). In 2000, Reform Party Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump, planned to institute a new tax reform bill, if he was elected, that would call for the very rich to pay a one time tax payment on their worth. That payment would have lowered America's deficit considerably. Upon being elected, I will consult with Mr. Trump, to formulate the best tax plan, to help lower our extremely high deficit, and then eliminating the need for the IRS.

7) MEDICAL CARE AT A FAIR PRICE. Americans work to hard, to have to worry about the raising cost of medical insurance and cost. For they should be able to enjoy their free time to the fullest. I will introduce a "Universal Medical Payment Plan," for those Americans who do not receive medical insurance from their employer. This plan will allow Americans to pay a set rate for insurance, in accordance to what they make, not what the insurance companies say they have to pay. Hence, allowing all Americans to receive the same type to medical treatment as The President, without paying outrageous premiums and/or co-payments.

8) AMERICAN TRADE ACT. Made in America means, "Made by the Best." Hence, more American made products will be exported, then foreign (cheaper/lower quality) products imported.

9) THE AMERICAN FARMER PROTECTION ACT. American farmers are almost as extinct as the dinosaurs. America is the richest country in the world, with the greatest soil. Hence, Americans should eat the best-grown and raised food in the world. For we import too much foreign foods, which is taking money away from our farmers. Almost every produce item that is imported could and should be grown here in America. We need to protect our farmers, so their fields, don't fade away.

10) THE SUZY HOLTSCLAW BILL. This is a DWI/DUI and substance treatment Bill. Needless deaths happens everyday, in every state, as a result of people who made a bad decision. Instead of taking a taxi or having a friend drive them home, they sooner endanger their lives, as well as innocent people they come in contact with, by driving impaired. Additionally, this Bill will consist of two (2) Florida Laws "The Baker and Marchman Acts," along with, New York's "Prohibit Sales Act," in an effort to help lower the growing number of DWI/DUI fatalities. I succeeded in having part of this Bill, before the Indiana State House and Senate.

11) THE MARION COUNTY JUDGES ACT. A lot of judges think they're "God Almighty." They can wrongly abuse their power over litigants before them, without the worry of civil and/or criminal punishment. This Act will hold "ALL" judges not only personally responsible for civil actions, but, face criminal prosecution from the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Criminal Section, for their abuse of power. "With great power, comes great responsibility." The time has come for judges,
prosecutors and law enforcement officers; to be responsible when they violate someone's Constitutional

12) BLACK LIST ACT. If any American company/corporation leaves our country, and relocates to another, their products will be "BANNED" from the American market. For when they relocate to save money, they cause American families to suffer heartaches and financial burdens. No company will prosper under my Administration from the heartache and stress caused upon their former employees.

13) NO MORE INDIAN COMPENSATION ACT Indians will no longer be compensated the way they have been. The money this government pays to individual American Indians, will go to help our Veterans who deserve it more. Indians that live in America, will be treated like every other American, regardless if they live on an Indian Reservation or not. Indian Reservations will no longer be allowed to run businesses, especially casinos without paying business taxes. Their ancestors sided with the British against our Founding Fathers during our Revolutionary War. Hence to me, they're Terrorists/communists. If any Indian does not like this Act they can either leave America, or face me.

Here is Jonathons proposed system for impaling.

When A terrorist or criminal attacks someone, do you think they really
care about what their actions will do to that person or their family?
No, they don't! So why should the law care about punishing them

As President, no law abiding citizen will have to live in fear of terrorists
or criminals. These people who have been preying upon the
innocent, will now live in fear of what will happen to them when they
are caught.

As I have previously stated, I am evil. However, I prefer to unleash my
evil side upon terrorists and criminals. Not the innocent.

The time has come to take back our streets and lives fear free!

The scales of justice have been tilted towards crime and criminals.
Hence, to give justice the upper hand in defeating crime, as well as
restoring personal security to Americans, IMPALING will be the
solution that will lower the progressive rate of crime in this Nation.

Additionally, I will Impale my personal enemies. You read this
correctly. I will brutally Impale those people who are my enemies, for
what they have done to me. Just like Vlad did to his personal
enemies, I will take personal revenge. This will also allow me to
develop new ways of not only Impaling terrorists and criminals, but
use my personal revenge as a deterrent to make terrorists and
criminals re-think any ideas of attacking an American.

I will also use my Presidential Death Dealers to carry out orders of
execution, as well as bring to me those sentenced to be IMPALED.

If I allow the people who have attacked me and violated my rights to
go unpunished, I will look weak in the eyes of terrorists and criminals.
However, if I viciously punish them for the world to see, it will send a
clear message to not only terrorists and criminals, but to anyone who
would consider attacking me and/or my loved ones (wife, children,
family members and friends).

You may also want to look at Jonathon's profile on Project VoteSmart at .

Add to this Jonathons proposed declaration of his so-called Vampyre Nation, an autonomous body headed by himself as king complete with citizenship, military might, and of course donations from grateful vampires. To make such a declaration is about as treasonous as can be, especially since Jonathon has proclaimed himself an American citizen.

This petition is to inform the online population that a sociopath is lurking among us and we all need to be wary. By signing this petition, you are adding your voice to the request of webmasters and sysadmins alike to keep Jonathon Sharkey and his destructive ideas out of the public domain. A person who thinks impaling is a good idea is not someone we need influencing the online population.

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