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We are calling on our fellow Jews, our allies, and all U.S. taxpayers to take a stand against the Israeli Wall of Separation. Far from providing a border between two sovereign states, the Wall cuts deep into the West Bank, encircling crucial agricultural land and water wells.

This system of barriers, roadblocks, checkpoints and closure, including in some areas a 25-foot high concrete wall and electronic fences, separates hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their workplaces, neighboring towns, medical services and schools, while the Jewish settlers in their midst enjoy complete freedom of movement.

The Wall is an assault against Palestinian lives and self-determination and undermines any hope for peace. Our government plays a central role in providing political and material support to the Wall. We call on the US to stop this support and instead to use its influence to promote a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

As the International Court of Justice ruling indicates, the path of the Wall violates international law. Even though it is framed as a security measure, and plays on Israeli fears, the Wall is not built along the 1949 armistice borders of Israel known as "the green line", which constitute the internationally recognized boundaries of Israel.

It snakes around the West Bank, slicing it in order to maintain Israel's matrix of control over territory and, most importantly, water resources. This reveals that the true intention is not security but annexationa land grab. For example, the Wall completely encloses Qalqilya, a Palestinian town in the West Bank where Jews and Palestinians have traded and lived as neighbors prior to 1948. 640 shops have closed over the past several years and only 3 of the 42 joint Palestinian-Jewish joint ventures remain. In what was once a self-sufficient, thriving agricultural economy, 64\% of the people live in poverty.

The Wall undermines the possibility of a sovereign Palestine and provides no long-term security for Israelis quite the opposite. As the Israeli peace movement has pointed out, a military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is impossiblewe join them in calling for a political solution, for safety and self-determination for both Jews and Palestinians. Security for Jews through the repression of Palestinians is immoral and ineffective. Peace can only be achieved through building justice and relationships, not walls. Dehumanizing one group leads to dehumanizing everyone.

Jews have a long tradition of struggling for justice. We find it particularly painful to see the history of our own oppression used to justify the oppression of others. Each killing of an Israeli or Palestinian civilian is an intolerable tragedy to us. We object to the Israeli and US governments claim that their illegal and brutal policies are carried out in the name of the Jewish people. If some in our community do support such policies, it is all the more important for those of us who disagree to speak up! Join us in calling on the US government to stop its political and economic support for the Wall.

Statement endorsed by:
Jews for a Free Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Tikkun East Bay, TikkunSF, Jewish Youth for Community Action, Cal Tzedek, and Bay Area Women in Black.

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