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We are ashamed and disillusioned by Israeli government and demand reform. Its moral weakness due to a lack of Jewish pride has created a world where terrorists are seen as victims and Jews in Israel are seen as aggressors. Lies and myths have become fact. The full list can be found at-

This is a call from concerned people of all faiths, backgrounds and nations. People who believe what the Torah, Bible and, yes, the Koran, say about God giving the Holy Land to the Jews, today an area of land that is just 1\% of the Middle East. People who believe that Israel is the front line in the War On Terror and that concessions there empower terrorism elsewhere. People who wish to re-kindle the Jewish spark in Israel and see justice in the Middle East, all for the benefit of the entire world.

First, the problems:

-Israels restrained answer to terrorism has allowed the cancer to grow to the point of Hamas leading the PA. It is not Israeli defensive actions that cause terrorism, but inaction from doing all thats necessary. It is this success of terrorism and the fanaticism in Arab and Muslim society that propel it. Why else has terrorism grown in proportion to Israeli concessions since the Oslo Accords in 1993? This cancer and half-hearted attempts to treat it hurt innocent Arabs and Muslims as well as its Jewish targets.

Rather than react accordingly to Hamass long-standing public desire to destroy Israel, Israeli politicians open a door for them by saying there will be no contact with Hamas unless they renounce violence and acknowledge Israels right to exist. As if blood-stained hands can be cleansed with mere words! This also cheapens Jewish life to a sickening low.

-Its form of government is a sham and dysfunctional. Only a party is elected and it then appoints its leader, like Ariel Sharon who was able to legally fire the opposition in his own party to the cowardly Gaza withdrawal. There is no responsibility from a Member of the Knesset to a voter. The entire country is a single electoral and this results in a highly fragmented system and populace, one reason why the average government rules for less than two years. The Knesset has Members who sympathize with terrorists and visit enemy states- without consequences.

-The Jewish state hardly looks like one. The Supreme Court has slowly stripped Judaism from the national soul. Many kids in Israel grow up without any knowledge of their heritage. That ignorance has turned to palpable hatred, as was seen in February, 2006, with the police brutality against Amona protesters. A silent civil war may, God-forbid, turn loud and such a desecration must be avoided.

-Its moral weakness and acquiescence to international pressure brings harm to world Jewry. Until the mid-1970s or so, Israels actions were mainly seen as just. But as Israels own belief in the fight and land ebbed, so did world understanding. Boycotts, divestments, the hateful acts against Jewish students on campuses, the new wave of European anti-Semitism...all have increased since the early 1990s.

Now, the solutions:

1) Declare the Torah as Israels constitution and Rule of Law. Restructure the government and divide its branches and power, as in the American system.

Torah Law does not mean a Jewish Taliban of having religious police spying on people in their homes and does not mean the Temple should be rebuilt. It means, as an example, that all commercial activity- businesses, restaurants, etc.- must be closed on the Sabbath, but its a private issue between a person and God if one works at home on that day. The point is that the country must strive for the higher standard that has sustained the Jewish People for over 3,300 years.

2) Fight terrorism with the purpose of eliminating it, not containing it. This is not a call to wage war against 1.3 billion Arabs and Muslims as many are obviously good people. However, this does not overlook the fact that extremism originates in their midst and that moral support of terrorism is part of the cancer.

3) Annex the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and then publicly declare that they are Jewish land because God said so. Publicly refute all the lies and myths about the land (see link above) that have become accepted as truth by too many.

4) The Arab residents of Israel (now including the territories) should be peacefully moved to Jordan and the 22 other Arab and Middle Eastern countries from where most of their grandparents came before 1947 (see the myths website for this, as well). Controlling their lives in Israel is not an option as that is partly what led to the current situation. They should be able to live in freedom and as they wish- and that simply wont happen peacefully in Israels backyard.

Since World War II, tens of millions of people have moved from one land to another and created new lives, including 800,000 Jews who were expelled from Arab countries in the 40s and 50s. (A look at other current conflicts in the Middle East show the need to redraw more borders, borders that were arbitrarily created after World War I.)

5) Stop taking handouts from the United States and stop taking orders from her and the others in the Quartet- Russia, the EU and the UN. While the USA is ultimately a great ally, her conflict of interest in the Middle East hurts Israel. Put the nations hope and faith in God, not man.

6) Do all this regardless of international reaction. In fact, the reaction should be positive. Historically, the Jewish nation has thrived and received Gentile respect when it is devoted to God. Thus, the growing hatred towards Israel today- even after withdrawing from Gaza!- can be better understood as hatred for the nation desecrating its Divine duty.

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