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Presenting himself under the guise of an attorney versed in the American legal system, one in command of the language and logic skills necessary to accurately and convincingly represent himself or others, John Bruce "Jack" Thompson believes himself a crusader against the obscene and offensive.

His methods are deplorable. He has harassed a campaigning attorney about their personal life, slandering the attorney in both the private and public forums. Thompson then filed a battery charge after being touched on the shoulder, a charge that was dismissed and directly regarded as a "political ploy" by the investigating judicial circuit. He has attacked a number of other attorneys, public figures, and peoples related to media and entertainment companies, making public, unsubstantiated claims that they distribute sexually explicit material to children, often referring directly to "porn." He has made vague threats and wishes of bodily, social, and economic harm to these people, occasionally including their related family in these harmful statements. Thompson's unwavering ability to cruelty in the name of his Christian Crusade is further exemplified in crude religious attacks he has made of other belief systems, stating that "Muhammad was a pirate who killed infidels."

His neglect for tact regarding sensitive issues often creates sensation, something he uses to manipulate victims of violent crimes to anger, and finger pointing. Thompson feeds the grief of the bereaved to cast blame and feed his agenda, to stifle media, art, and public opinion in the image of decency created within, and governed by, his own imagination. Numerous lawsuits have been filed by Thompson on the behalf of the angry griever, and a number of them have been dismissed for being without merit and lacking any supportive evidence. His behaviour in this regard has been so reprehensible that he has been accused of contempt of court and has had multiple complaints against him with the Florida Bar by judges and attorneys alike, one stating that his behavior was "unprofessional and contemptible." In total, he is a discredit to the judicial system and the bar itself.

The fact that his objectable moral compass has entirely superseded his ethical compass can only further be distorted by how unintelligible and childish his arguments are. His objections are often colloquial and unprofessional, with connections between points sometimes missing entirely, and evidence cited that he cannot present, because it does not exist. Though his dialogue is rarely professional, his tone is always irrational and angry, and his views are frequently radical, he claims to be the only "sane lawyer in the state of Florida." Considering Thompson once compared himself to Batman and distributed his picture identification with the image of the superhero on it, his legitimacy, or at least his ability to be taken seriously, must be in question, even if his sanity is not.

For this reason, I, the undersigned, will from this point choose to not take "Jack" Thompson seriously. I will not read the sensationalist statements he makes to the media and will not acknowledge his opinions as based on reason. I will ignore him and his mock justice, disregarding the actions he takes as irrelevant entertainment, as though he were a cartoon or a clown. When his childish antics lead him to make attacks on institutions that I hold dear, such as freedom of speech, or when he attempts to censor any material that I may rightfully experience, I will support those institutions unwaveringly, but will not give credence to his argument or acknowledge him specifically.

In summation, I will ignore "Jack" Thompson as a civil servant, and a civil man, in so much as my freedoms allow.

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