Since your hasty authorization of open-ended military intervention four years ago [1 - The House of Representatives link from the deleted second paragraph., 2 - The Senate link from the same paragraph], you have failed to fully exercise your congressional oversight responsibilities regarding the conduct of the war in Iraq. Such lax oversight encouraged the Johnson and Nixon administrations to persist with unwise policies during our country's protracted involvement in Vietnam,[1- new link:, 2 - original number 1, 3- original number 2, 4 - original number 3 (original 4 will not be included)] and it appears to be having the same effect again.

What our country desperately needs now, as it did 40 years ago during the Vietnam War, is for you to reassert " the exclusive power of Congress to determine matters of war and peace." [1, 2, 3 (Change the order of the original three to: 2, 3, 1. Also, fix our National Debate link - new number 2 - to include Senator Byrd's original speech from the deleted paragraph 2. In other words, make it just like the new number 1 link from the Traprock anti war group, having the lengthier, earlier speech follow immediately after the short one that includes the referenced quote. However, move our link from the National Debate site to somewhere in never, never land, so that this petition can stand on its own without being linked to our site.)] The time has come for an honest, open, and lengthy debate about our country's policies in Iraq, culminating with legislation that sets a clearly defined goal for the termination of our active military involvement.

We therefore respectfully ask the Republican leadership to schedule a special joint session of Congress devoted entirely to our policies in Iraq, lasting at least one full week. This session should be held as soon as possible, but preferably no later than Monday, October 16th. This will allow voters ample time to review and analyze the proceedings prior to the November 7th election.

Althought we may not individually agree with everything written or referenced in this petition, we are unanimous in calling for a special session of Congress devoted entirely to Iraq. The war is now in its fourth year. Military and civilian deaths, as well as monetary costs, have reached unconscionable levels. Violence has spread to other countries in the Middle East. As of September 6th, 2006, both the Senate and House of Representatives were scheduled to adjourn on October 6th --- a full month before the November 7th election, and almost 3 months before the end of the year. (((Make "almost three months before the end of the year." bold)))

Under these circumstances, we do not think it is too much to ask for the Republican leadership to add a week or two to this year's historically brief congressional schedule to address an issue of such vital national and international importance! [Although they won't follow immediately after what they refer to, I think the links should be moved to the end so as not to distract from the message. They also need to be redone so that the petition can stand on its own better. Rather than refer to previous links, I will just redo all the URL's here. In order to provide clarity to Lee Hamilton's links, I think the following statement needs to be made within the brackets, immediately following the 1,2,3,4,5,6: (Note: Some of these links cite days per year; others cite days per session. "Sessions" of Congress last for two years, making 2006 the second year of the 109th Congress.) 1- for_work/; 2 - _showed_up_for_work.php; 3 - AR2006030601611_pf.html; 4 -; 5 -; 6 -; 7 -; ]

[Important: Throughout the remainder of 2006, the congressional leadership will be advised on a weekly basis of the number of signatures this petition has acquired. To ensure the correct Representative and Senators are advised of your support, when signing your name please look up and include your ZIP Code + 4.]

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