Intervention in the apartment project in BTM 2nd stage, bangalore sign now


Intervention in the apartment construction project at BTM layout, Bangalore

This is regarding the project called Kalyan apartments coming up at 47A, 34th Main, BTM 2nd stage, Bangalore.

Project issues:
This project violates the basic construction tenets as far as the FAR and setback restrictions are concerned. (The approved plans and construction plans attached further below).

For example:
The projects approved building plan shows the construction plan of 2200+ sq.ft, whereas the actual construction plan is happening with 6600+ sq.ft. (The FAR violation is about 200\%).
The setback violation in the front side is such that, theres a balcony window right on the compound wall-level, and for the 1st floor, theres further issue of electricity-supply cable passing thru within 4-5 feet. Good luck for the buyer/occupant of that 1st floor unit.
The approved plan carefully chooses a per-apartment unit area of
Actions on the project:

We had arranged for a meeting earlier, when the construction was about to start, to discuss this. At that time no-one showed up. Instead we received these letters.

So we prepared a letter to be submitted to the BMP, but we didnt submit it, as we didnt have the approved construction plan. (new)

So we went around to get the approved construction plan for the property (which took almost 2 months), and by that time the construction has happened up to the 1st slab level (parking-lot level). We along with our other neighbors filed a complaint with Mr. Yeshwanth, Joint-commissioner South, BMP Bangalore in April 2007, when the construction was still in early stages. (new)

BMP probably intervened and the construction slowed down for almost a month. Meanwhile the landlord and his construction engineer started giving us letters, like these.
Neighbors received a slightly different form of this letter.
(This landlord and the engineer met only once to inform us that the apt-project is being constructed. But without the approved plan, there was not much discussion possible, as there was no way to say, for sure, what the project-plan was. After the plan was available, there was obviously not much to discuss).

One more..

Now after that there was a meeting and only the construction engineer showed up and we requested them to consider the construction, restricting the number of units and re-arranging some setback violations, and asked the landlord to come back with their ideas.

Meanwhile we started seeing some news items from BBMP regarding CDP and regularization plans.

Even if we say the recent BBMP Sakrama, allows regularization of up to 50\% of violation separately for each of FAR and setback violations, this beats all those limits. (The FAR violation in this case is as high as 200\%+).
Then comes the next defense, which is BBMP Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP-2015). CDP-2015 allows FAR upto 4 (that means 9600-sq.ft on a 2400-sq.ft plot-area) in certain areas. The FAR is generally increased along the Bangalore-metro-rail project areas. But obviously this area, which is nowhere near that, cannot claim that shelter. Besides, it is still in draft-stage and all the past-projects take benefit of a future amnesty.

But anyway, we received this letter, rejecting any alternatives.

Many of the neighbors are working at far-away places and are not to be able to meet and follow up with the BBMP authorities regularly. Soliciting legal help also didnt materialize, as all of us got busy with personal and professional activities. This situation is conveniently exploited and now the construction is going on in full-swing, much in violation of the approved plans.

Once complete, this is going to add the traffic mess on the road, causing a huge issues for the neighbors, including the occupants of the building themselves.

Hopefully this online petition and write-up educates the people and highlights the issue to the authorities concerned.

Petition and Caution:
We would like to request the BBMP to intervene in the construction project and consider/seek alternate proposals.

We also seek to caution the general citizens to avoid renting/purchasing units in such projects, which will cause the issues mentioned above.
One thing worthwhile to note here is that, the BBMP Sakrama-2007 effort clearly puts the responsibility of the violations on the owners in these units, rather than the builders. (The builders finish the projects, sell it off and move away and the owners will have to fend for themselves). So general public has to make cautious real-estate decisions considering these points.

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