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The future of the development of Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, a game now being developed on Orange Box, is in danger. The leader is more of a PR guy than a developer and also works full-time for Nintendo. The person in charge of design for Beta 3 is a former beta tester with no actual game or mod design experience and has become a Nazi on the public forums, silencing much of the community. The lead coder is also working for Interwave Studios on Nuclear Dawn, and being paid to do so. So why would Insurgency come as a first priority to him? Fact: It doesnt.

So here is my proposal (or petition) to Pablo Dopico and his Insurgency developers (special shout out though to any of the original devs):

While you have been mucking around trying to modify my game into your vision, I have been attending college, getting a Computer Science degree, and also learning game programming. Since I was the one responsible for Insurgencys existence, I feel like I have a lot more of a duty to finish it than any of you, especially now that I can code. With seven years of past mod experience from Red Orchestra to Insurgency, and my upcoming graduation from college, I am fully confident in my abilities.

With myself, I bring another coder who has experience developing for Source (among other engines), creating a much stronger code development team than is currently in place. I also bring with us two artists from the original team. The fact is, its been two years, and the new version of Insurgency feels the same as the version it was at when I left (maybe even worse in my opinion). Sure you guys claim to have done a lot, but having developed Insurgency for the four years prior, I think that a lot more could have been done in two years time.

Although I have negotiated with the current project lead, he has a soft place in his heart for Alex Endless Kontinis, who I mentioned earlier as being the current person in charge of design (and also a forum Nazi). If I have one enemy within the Insurgency Team, it is not the Project Lead or Lead Programmer; its Alex. The other two I have good memories working with and would be happy to work with again. Alex has assumed creative control over my intellectual property, and I have a problem with that. Im pretty sure he fears my return because he knows I will put him out of work. And thats exactly what I intend to do.

So my demands are two-part:

1) Let me and my developers on the team so we can develop the mod and make the Orange Box release as timely and amazing as possible.

2) Remove Alex Endless Kontinis from the team.

I would be happy for Pablo Dr. Spielmann Dopico and Louka Louti Outrebon to remain on the team. So essentially Im not asking you to hand the game over to me as I am for you to integrate me and my developers in. This compromise is truly in the mods best interest, and I know this because multiple developers from inside the team have revealed to me how unproductive things have been.

If our demands are not met, we will most likely develop our own Insurgency prototype on Orange Box as well, using whatever Insurgency Beta 1.0c code we see fit (we have permission from the programmer). Although we are completely prepared to do this (and have even started dabbling), I figured I would give the diplomacy route one more chance by taking this public. Perhaps if the community helps us convince the team, we may be able to change the fate of the mod.

Thank you for reading

Jeremy Blum
Former Project Leader of Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat


We support the above proposal, and hope that the Insurgency team will work with Jeremy to get this game back on track.

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