Innocent dogs being targeted, killed, banned, and discriminated against just because they are Pit Bulls. No matter what you say, whether it's dogs or humans, this is discrimination. sign now

We, the people and Pit Bull Owners need to step up and speak out about banning innocent Pit Bulls. That is discrimination. Just because one dog does something doesn't mean another one will. Most Pit Bulls that are mean and dangerous are either taught that way by bad owners or they inbreed them. Inbred Pits have a tendency to go crazy, it has something to do with their brain and cropping their ears will make them crazy too because they can't stand the wind and noise with their ears cropped so why not ban ear cropping.

They say well these Pit Bulls killed people so we'll get rid of them. Well you wouldn't say for example "oh this white person killed someone so we have to get rid of all the white people", or use that same sentence for African Americans, Mexicans or any other race. You wouldn't get rid of a race just because someone of that race did something bad. It is the exact same way with Pits. No matter how you present it, it's discrimination. These people are prejudice against Pit Bulls.

I have friends and family that have had and do have Pit Bulls and have had them for generations without any mishap. It's usually someone that DOES NOT have any business owning a Pit Bull. They think well I will get one as a guard dog and then they have no clue as to what to do with them or how to treat them because they are scared of them themselves. So leave the Pit Bull raising to the professionals. (Like Me) And stop discriminating and giving the good dogs bad names. What if a brown horse killed someone, would you say well let's kill all of the brown horses. That may sound stupid to some people but it's the truth and I am using it instead of race because I am not prejudice and don't want to accidentally say the wrong thing.

Another example: "Charles Manson killed some people so let's round up all of the white people and ban them and put them to sleep because since they are white they may kill someone too". That is the exact same thing people are doing to Pit Bulls.

They are coming up with so many rules and regulations about everything that this IS NOT a FREE Country anymore, if it ever was. This is suppose to be a free country and so I should be able to have any dog I want, smoke whenever and almost anywhere I want, have the right to carry a weapon and so on. All of a sudden it's like our Country is being run by a dictator because it sure doesn't feel like a free country anymore with all of these ordinances.

STOP THE HATE! STOP KILLING OUR DOGS! Instead do something about the people that are cruel to them and that train them to be killers, because they are the ones that should pay, not the dogs. Especially the dogs owned by people like me and others that are so gentle they wouldn't bite a flee. You have to know what your doing to raise a Pit Bull and obviously alot of people don't have a clue.

The meanest dogs I've ever encountered were Poodles and those little ankle biting Chihuahua and Shitz Shu's. Just the other day I was bit by a Chihuahua. There are alot of mean dogs out there and they learned it from somewhere so obviously your looking at this at the wrong angle. Owners and people that are cruel to Pit Bulls or any animal and that teach them to be mean and to fight should be the ones getting in trouble because they are giving my innocent dog a bad name. I love my dog like it was my kid and they would have to kill me before I would let anyone get near my dog to take him or anything else.

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U.S. Presidents, Animal Agencies, A.S.P.C.A, and anyone affiliated with discriminating and murdering innocent dogs just because they are Pit Bulls.


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