Indigenous People Against Bigotry

KARN radio talk-show host flooded with "bigot complaints
"Good little Indians" remark reaches Natives nationally
by Jim Kent


For more than a century, the federal government forced Native Americans
to attend boarding schools in order to turn them into "good little Indians".
A Little Rock, AR. talk-show host is, apparently, of the same mindset - as
evidenced by his comment made over KARN radio on June 2, 2003.

"I was on my way to work, listening to Dave Ellswick's show,"
recalled Kathy Bauer. "They'd been talking about rude people, when Ellswick said,
if they didn't act like little Indians there would be no
Get a hold of [email protected]

Bauer immediately called KARN to complain. She was put in contact with
"Mark" ? who identified himself as Ellswick's producer ? and was
promptly hung up on....twice. The Menominee tribal member, who's originally from
Wisconsin, contacted her friend and fellow
Menominee tribal member Richie
Plass about the issue. Plass called the station himself to object to the
comment and also received a hostile attitude from Ellswick's
"Pretty soon, man, the guy just blew up," Plass remarked, "He went, Look,
dude. I don't really know who you are, but I can't believe you're calling.
You know, this was just a flipping kind of comment. It meant nothing. It was said as a joke. He said, I can't believe that you and other peopleare calling here and telling us things. He said, so I tell you what. Why
don't you just go home and smoke your peace pipe and have a nice day. And
then he hung up."
Choosing the internet as his weapon of retaliation, Plass sent out word of the incident to everyone on his mailing list. KARN was soon flooded with
telephone calls and e-mails from across the country. By June 4, 2003 according
to Bauer, KARN announced that as a result of the overwhelming volume of calls and mail objecting to Ellswick's comment, the next days
show would follow the theme "Dave's a bigot". Bauer and several friends listened to
the entire June 5 show, primarily because they understood that Ellswick was supposed to offer and apology for his racial remark. Bauer insists that
none ever came.
KARN station manager Neil Gladner advised that although he did feel that calls regarding Ellswick's racial remark may have been handled "other
than the station would have liked," Ellswick's "apology" to his local listeners
should have been sufficient to resolve the issue. "Dave already apologized and understands the mistake he made," Gladner explained. "He was just
repeating a comment that he'd heard many times since he was a child."
When asked if he would like to offer an official comment on behalf of the
station to all those Native Americans who were now aware of the issue on a national level, Gladner answered with his own question. "Why," he replied.
"The comment was only heard locally."

After his mass e-mail began resulting in national feedback, Plass contends
that he received a call from Ellswick's producer suggesting that he send
out another e-mail requesting people to stop complaining to the station.
The Menominee musician and historical speaker maintains that he was also
asked to be a guest on the daily talk show. Plass refused to send out a
second mass-mailing in favor of KARN, but was open to the offer to guest on Ellswick's show. An offer that was later shot down by Gladner who
advised that "Mark" had no authority to make such an offer and added that KARN would seek out "local" sources if it decided to host an educational show
on the Native American culture.
The backlash from Ellswick's "good little Indians" remark may have settled
? for the moment, but Plass isn't ready to drop the issue. Neither is Kathy Bauer. "I really feel that we need to stand up and voice our opinions
when situations like this happen," she observed. "I hear people say, no
big deal. Don't worry about it. Just turn the other way. Don't mess with
it. But unless we really let people know that this is not the right way to speak about any culture, it's going to continue."

Bauer advised that immediate plans to educate local listeners about Ellswick's inappropriate remark - and KARN-110;s lackluster
attitude regarding it ? include advising the show's sponsors of the dissatisfaction
in the local ? and national ? Native community.
"That's the only way we're going to solve some of these issues," Bauer
added. "We need to stand up and do something about them."

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Please sign this to stop the Hate, Bigotry, Discrimination, Color lines, for All People who should not have to endure prejudice for we are all related as children from the same Creator.

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