Tell the President and Congress that the United States should adopt as it's motto "IN CHRIST WE TRUST"

The President has kept his promise to Christians voters by nominating SAMUEL A. ALITO. Now he needs your encouragement to restore America to it's Constitutional Christian roots by changing the official US motto to "In Christ We Trust".

Of course, we anticipate fierce opposition from every leftwing, Athiest, homosexual, pro-abortion organization in the country against this Godly campaign. They will not be satisfied until our judgment, intellect and integrity are severely attacked and this just, patriotic campaign is defeated.

Please follow the link below to the petition to tell the President that you appreciate him keeping his campaign promise and encourage him to stay the course. Tell him he can count on your support when the time comes.

Please sign the petition today. We would like for the President to receive one million 'thank yous'. With your help, we can. Please forward this to others on your email list.

This petition will be sent directly to President Bush in the White House and to every member of the United States Congress.

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Latest Signatures

  • 18 July 201550. Gunter T
    I love God, and so should the US, and if that means gays get a raw deal, they can move to Russia! Political Party REPUBLICAN Religion Christian Protestant Church for The Church of Christ
  • 03 March 201549. Jim Mcgrath
    Jesus is a turd Political Party Republican Religion satanic
  • 07 December 201448. Ryan Patrickh
    En Christ We Trust Political Party Non-partisan Religion Christian
  • 11 August 201447. Queen I
    I don't trust Chris, he never paid me back for that trip he took to America, What? Oh Christ, yea I trust him. Political Party Mine Religion La CatĐâlica
  • 18 June 201446. Tom S
    You spelled 'atheist' wrong, dimwit. Political Party Independent Religion Polytheist
  • 16 May 201445. Jesus Hc
    Please Don't Trust In Me - I just forgot the Safe Word - that's all! Political Party Judean People's Front Religion Pagan
  • 11 April 201444. Cletus W
    Heeee-Haaaaw! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee...Hee-Haw! I is proud to be an inbred, ignorant, toothless, incestuous, moon-shinin', cousin-datin', country and western listenin', bible thumpin', jobless, West Virginian. Hee-Haw! I looooove bein' white 'cause it's all
  • 19 February 201443. Valerie F
    I believe you to be a righteous man which is the main reason I voted for you - being a Republican came in second Political Party Republican Religion AOG born again Christian & proud of it
  • 11 September 201342. Alobba B
    Geaux Jebusites Political Party Domokrakt Religion Unifarian
  • 06 May 201341. Andy G
    History revisionists suck hard! The U.S. is NOT a Christian nation. Political Party Anti-BS party Religion BS as in theocracy
  • 29 November 201240. Erik Kk
    I forgot to add ... I also think that we should make eating bacon MANDATORY before anyone can get a job or go to school or enter the country ! That will keep out all them Jews and Moslems. And maybe the hindus too ( I don't know about hindus and pork). Ex
  • 14 July 201239. Atheist Chapman
    The United States is NOT a christian nation. Political Party Independent Religion Atheist
  • 14 June 201238. Mcculloch Hunt
    Online petitions suck Political Party New Democratic Party of Canada Religion Atheist
  • 30 May 201237. Abel D
    We need a constitutional amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of any religion that contradicts the Word of God." Political Party Republican Religion Christianity is not a religion
  • 08 March 201236. Linda G
    I support this petition
  • 14 November 201135. Nancy D
    I support this petition
  • 27 July 201134. Jonathan Y
    Converting everyone in the world is only a matter of changing trite little phrases on our coins. Once we accomplish that people will have no choice but to convert. Political Party The right one Religion The right one
  • 27 July 201133. Zane Newton
    LOL. you almost had me thinking this was for real Political Party LiberteriaNZ Religion Athiest
  • 26 May 201132. Oolon C
    Say no to theocracy Political Party The Anti-Theocrat Party Religion None
  • 15 April 201131. Joan C
    Jesus said, NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!! Political Party Hollywood Elite Religion Voodoo Scientologist
  • 11 May 201030. Gary S
    Christ is risen! Political Party republican Religion Christian
  • 11 January 201029. Mark D
    thats it fools... spread the lies... Political Party SFC Religion satanist
  • 19 September 200928. Gloria J
    I support this petition
  • 03 June 200927. Dumbstick M
    I R TEH PATRIOT! mY BUMPER STICKER SEZ SO!! i LOVE YOU TEH JESUS! I'LL EVEN LIE FOR TEH J00!!1 Political Party Independant Religion No thank you.
  • 31 May 200926. Belinda C
    Marriage is for a man and woman only as God intended it to be Political Party Republican Religion Christian
  • 10 May 200925. Adolph H
    As long as only precious Aryan lives are saved. Political Party NSDAP Religion Positive Christianity
  • 06 May 200924. Xoom Daniels
    Amen!!! Political Party democrat 4 jesus Religion right wing fundamentalist

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The President and The US Congress


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