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Mr. Masaya Maeda
Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations.

Dear Mr. Maeda,

Since you are currently the head of the entire camera division, covering both DSC and EOS DSLR system, we decided to write this petition to Canon Inc. and also directly to your person.

We are Canon customers and users all over the world (enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals) who would like to place a public petition to Canon regarding the EOS 5D Mark II.

Specifically we want to suggest and request some improvements for this camera, that could be implemented via Firmware Updates.

The EOS 5D Mark II is a Great DSLR, the first one including Full HD Movie recording capabilities.

But after testing and using it, even for professional tasks, we found the importance of some missing features and controls that we would like to list.

As you might already know, thousands of people have suggested and requested many of these features by online inquiries, online reviews, lot of community forums and blogs (even at professional's blogs), emails, and also phone calls.

WE SINCERELY HOPE Canon take this list seriously in account, due to the HUGE IMPORTANCE it represents for so many people, and then give us (the community of Canon users) the improvements we have suggested and requested.

That will demonstrate not only that CANON CERTAINLY listen to customers suggestions, but also will achieve more satisfied customers, and a MUCH GREATER camera that will be the interest of more current and future customers.

Below is the List of Features that we SUGGEST and REQUEST to be improved and/or added via Firmware Updates for the EOS 5D Mark II:


- ADD: FULL MANUAL CONTROL in Movie Mode. That includes: APERTURE, SHUTTER Speed AND ISO values. All the three MANUAL Settings are EXTREMELLY Necessary for serious use of the Movie Recording Capability and Potential that the 5D Mark II has.
- ADD: More Frame Rates options (24p AND 25p) along with the current 30p option
- ADD: Dedicated Menu for Movie Mode with Direct access to setting and recording (instead of browsing menus with many clicks)
- IMPROVE: more Flexible and Faster CONTRAST DETECTION AF system in Movie mode, if possible. This will be VERY Useful and Appreciated if achieved
- ADD: Frame Rate option of 60 frames per second at lower resolutions, if possible.


- IMPROVE: Allow More Frames in BRACKETING MODE (up to 9, for instance; this is so important for HDR Photography, more and more used nowadays)
- IMPROVE: Automatic white balance (AWB), specially in artificial light
- IMPROVE: Auto LCD Brightness to Match recorded image
- ADD: GAIN CONTROL (Mic Level) for External Audio input. Allow AUTO and MANUAL setting Levels
- ADD: Chromatic Aberration Correction for JPG shoots (AUTO/MANUAL/OFF) This will improve the Image Quality a lot, since almost every lens has chromatic aberration
- ADD: Selectable lower and upper limit for Auto ISO
- ADD: Mass storage device USB mode option
- ADD: Function to use built-in microphone for audio notes, if possible (as in 1D series)
- ADD: NEW Feature ALLOWING to REMAP hot/defective pixels (in the CMOS sensor) by the user. This will SAVE lot of money to Canon Tech Services, and give customers an easy and faster solution.

Thank you VERY MUCH in advance for your Comprehension, Time and Help.

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